• 6 months ago

    Interaction between Lyrica and Adderall

    I have been taking 100mg of Lyrica 3 times a day for several years now. I’ve never had any side effects. In fact I wouldn’t even know I was taking it except for the fact that I swallow a pill 3xs a day and it’s been working WONDERS. Last week my Psych prescribed me 10mg of Adderall XR once a day. I’m very careful to check all interactions when I’m prescribed a drug. If it will interact with Lyrica I won’t take it. Lyrica is the only thing that has worked this well and I will not give it up. Long Story short(er). I made sure no interactions, and took my first Adderall yesterday morning. Around 10:30 am or so I noticed I was STONED. Not a opioid high, I felt like I smoked a couple bowls of hash. I def know the difference between the two highs, I’ve been smoking for almost 40 years. Anyways, I’m confused as to where this buzz came from. I know Amphetamines do not produce this feeling and as I said I’ve never had any side effects from Lyrica. I looked all over, but cannot find anything about the two potentiating each other. Has anyone ever experienced or heard of this? Don’t get me wrong, it’s lots of fun. But I definitely could not be productive at work like this. Thanks in advance!