• 1 month ago

    University Medical College study shows great success treating fibromyalgia

    The doctors medical group at university of Tel Aviv did a study using hyperbaric chamber to treat fibromyalgia. They reported 100% success, defined by patients no longer needing pain medicine. After the study, they put the control group through the treatment, and they too had 100% success. This same study was replicated by the US National Institute of Health. They changed the protocol but still reported amazing success at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30747099 .
    The original protocol called for 40 sessions pressurized by pure oxygen to 2 atmospheres of pressure. Each session was 90 minutes.
    Since this is not yet covered by insurance, we convinced a local naturalist doctor to add a chamber in his practice. He shortened my daughter's treatments to 45 minutes, and used air instead of oxygen for the pressure but gave her pure oxygen to breathe. This 'half' treatment still netted amazing results. My daughter left the house twice last year. Now she gets out more than twice a week. Pain is about half of what it was. We're looking for someone who will do the full treatment so she can be done with all this pain.