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    Is it fibromyalgia or a misdiagnosis?

    Is it fibromyalgia or a misdiagnosis?
    Please get more opinions!
    My 34 yr old son who lives several states away from me was diagnosed was fibromyalgia over a year ago then his symptoms just got worse. He got pneumonia 6 months ago and when more tests were done he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s. Already at Stage 2. Since then he is now at stage 3 and has to have a bone marrow transplant. Please keep us in your thoughts and I truly hope none of you or anyone ever has to go through this ordeal!


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    rest assured, the VA is very thorough, too. In addition to Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL), diabetes may be on the works. fibromyalgia is often a part of (or in addition to) a bigger problem so keep that in mind. take charge of what you ask your medical providers to help with and second opinions are okay; also it's okay to ask your medical providers their training and experience and get referrals to keep digging because training and experience of medical professionals is only as good as they individually keep up with their peers (and profession)! I've never heard of (or had myself) just fibromyalgia alone as a single diagnosis.
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    RE: Is it fibromyalgia or a misdiagnosis?

    OMG this is almost identical to my situation! The only difference is my son is 36. Please let me know how your son Is doing and we can share our unfortunate experience!