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    Roommate anyone?

    Hi, my name is Susan. I am new to this board, but not new to Fibro. I have CFS since 1987 and Fibro since 1994. I was 27 when I became ill with Fibro and went on permanent disability.

    Since I was relatively young when I went on disability I get a decent amount a month but not enough to live alone.

    Am living with family right now but I am looking to see if anyone needs a roommate to split living costs. My family don't believe I am really ill. They never have. They say I'm on vacation.

    I know this is not a normal way someone goes about looking for a roommate. But since I am no longer socially active, I don't get a chance to meet people.

    My fibro is kinda controlled. I learned what to eat and not eat and that makes a big difference in my symptoms.

    If you or anyone you know is looking for an easy going roommate who is happy to be of help if their illness is flaring, please contact me.

    Thanks, Susan.


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    RE: Roommate anyone?

    I take 9 gabapentin a day which is 900 mg and it has helped with my fibromyalgia plus a cup of jello a day Walmart carries it plus I take a nice hot bath with epsom salts which brings down the swelling in my body it has Magnesium which kills inflammation!
    You will sleep like a baby!
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    concerned about "My family don't believe I am really ill. They never have. They say I'm on vacation". I empathize and also feel others wonder about me. But I'm very open and honest about my situation which is apparent that I'm not alone. I've found the VA to be a very great resource. Especially the behavior health groups that put veterans in touch with each other and share empathy with one another. If you're not a veteran, may I suggest you find one and go attend a behavior health group with them. Guests are more than welcome at the VA! And it's "free" - just attend with a veteran - and know you're not alone!
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    RE: Roommate anyone?

    I have been living with it since I was 25, how were you able to get past doctors looking at your age, I'm 36 now and still fighting the I'm to young debate with new doctors
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    Where abouts do you live at the moment ?
    Just diagnosed with Fibro , although suffered for years, was on 1200 gabapentin now switched to Lyrica ... Ps: nobody believes me either :(