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    Fibro Symptoms

    Hello Everyone,
    New here. I'm starting to lose it emotionally and I'm reaching out to see if my thinking could be correct. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago when I went for a pain injection for back pain. I cannot take most of the prescription drugs due to allergic reactions. Pretty much just norco for pain and that is prescribed by my Orthopedic for degenerative disc disease. Lately, I am suffering from chronic UTI's and body aches like the flu. Fatigue, ha! My PCP diagnosed me with chronic fatigue but doesn't like to talk about why. She is more focused on my colonoscopy than anything else. Insists that the UTI's are coming from low estrogen since I had a full hysterectomy at 40. I am now 52 and just now having UTI problems? Well I found a common denominator with the symptoms. I work a seasonal job and the flare ups are around this period. The body aches like the flu are new though. I have to have naps to be able to get through a day. I've had sleep studies to be told I have periodic limb movement probably resulting from my back. Can stress cause the flare ups? All last summer, I relaxed in a campground and napped every day. I didn't have the symptoms I have now (just finishing seasonal job). My hubby is really getting worried because I am not able to do much before I get extremely exhausted (even showering takes a toll on the body). I feel like the referral to a Urogynecologist is going to more money out the window with no answers and more meds I can't tolerate.
    Anyone else going through similar symptoms?
    Thank you.


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    RE: Fibro Symptoms

    You are not alone. I've had back problems, surgery..interbody lumbar fusion and degenerative disc disease for over 20 years, we are the same age. I was diagnosed with fibro about a month ago and then last week started going through uti problems along with the fatigue, extreme body pain, actually too many problems to list. I feel like a hypochondriac if I do.
    I also have problems with medication reactions, my body hates them. It took a long time of feeling like a ginny pig before finding medications that helps with my back spasms and pain.
    Now this fibro thing I never really understood when speaking to others that have it. Now I feel like an jerk for not being more educated while working with these patients when I was able to work.
    They started me on savella. I took it for the first time yesterday and got very sick, as you know puking with back problems is horribly painful but I can't function in whole body pain and be exhausted for no reason. Yes they say stress is a factor!
    I've never been on this board and didn't intend to find anybody with similarities so close. They say each person has different symptoms but we seem to be closely related though I had a child at 40 and still have to deal with girl problems each month, a hysterectomy sounds good right about now. Yes a shower is like running a marathon.
    Your doctor should be sending you to an arthritis specialist as I was told and referred to because they are the field that deals with fibro. My symptoms came suddenly after getting the flu this winter. I didn't want to believe the diagnosis, still don't because it's an autoimmune disease. Something we'll have to learn how to deal with on a daily basis and from what I've read, find out our triggers that bring on the flare ups. You are a step ahead of me relating it to a time or season. I still haven't got a clue and am on my first major flare up.
    Tell your husband he's not alone, mine has been very concerned, going to each appointment, he's use to being able to fix anything...
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    Repost: reading your post, I felt compelled to reply; I've been living with fibromyalgia since 2005; I do empathize with you.

    In summary 1) get that pedietry consult, strong shoes, diabetes socks 2) lyrica (pregabalin) 3) behavioral health 4) nutrition, exercise, weight loss

    The symptoms in WebMD and the MAO Clinic are on target. The VA initially prescribed gabapentin with meloxicam, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, levothyroxine (hopothyroid), folic acid, omega 3, omeprazole (IBS), and citalopram (for mood due to the pain).

    A few years later (and with behavioral health therapy/group therapy), gabapentin and citalopram transitioned to duloxetine (for both fibromyalgia and mood).

    A few years after that, I've transitioned from duloxetine to pregabalin (watch out for about 30 days of side effects coming down from the duloxetine; the WebMD side effects are on target!

    In retirement from the military (24 years), a lot more commitment on my part to behavioral health, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, &etc I am now seeing the most success with the above.

    I've started transition from meloxicam, too, after a very successful result with pedietry consult (prescription shoe inserts + Dr. Martin Shoes) and 100% use of Dr. Scholl's socks (for diabetes; however I'm not diabetic). Hope my story gets everyone suffering with fibromyalgia hope!

    In summary 1) get that pedietry consult, strong shoes, diabetes socks 2) lyrica (pregabalin) 3) behavioral health 4) nutrition, exercise, weight loss