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    Alternative or prescribed drugs opinion

    Hello, I’m attending Middle Georgia state is doing a research paper on fibromyalgia for my English lit 1102 class. I am new to this website and have joined this community because my mother also suffers from fibromyalgia. I worry for her constantly and care for her dearly. If would be so generous if any of you would help by sharing me your opinion on either Alternative or Prescribed Treatments when answering the following 11 questions: Thank You!
    (your names will be anoynomousand will not be used for bias claims. )
    3.How long have you had fibromyalgia?
    4.What are three of the WORST symptoms that you experience? (optional)

    5.What rare symptom do you have that is NOT known in the fibromyalgia(optional) community?

    6.Do you prefer Alternative Treatments/Methods (exercise, dietary supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical or emotional therapy, vitamins, herbs, yoga etc.)? Explain Why(name the treatment) OR Why Not?

    7.Do you prefer Prescribed Drugs/Over the Counter Drugs (savella, lyrica, cymbalta, narcotics, anti-depressants, zoloft, injections, opiods, etc) Explain Why(name the drug you use) OR Why Not?

    8.Both Prescribed treatment and Alternative treatment? Why or Why not?(optional)

    9.How was your life with fibromyalgia before AND after getting prescribed OR alternative treatment?

    Likert Scale
    10.Do you agree that that people should use more Alternative treatments/methods?(choose one answer/number)
    1)Strongly Disagree 2) Disagree 3) Undecided 4) Agree 5) Strongly Agree

    11.Do you agree that people should use more Prescribed medicine/drugs?(choose one answer/number)
    1)Strongly Disagree 2) Disagree 3) Undecided 4) Agree 5) Strongly Agree


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    RE: Alternative or prescribed drugs opinion

    Would be interested in reading your paper when it’s completed.
    My answers:
    1- 60
    2- female
    3- 20+ Years
    4- brain fog; pain; fatigue
    5- skin so sensitive and so tender it often hurts just wearing clothes
    6- no; they do not work for me. Massage was so painful had to have pain meds both before and after.
    7- prescribed. Because they have worked better for me any other treatment. I take Lyrica, a couple of psych meds (I’m also bipolar), diclfenac (arthritis), Robaxin (muscle spasms), and morphine for pain (allergic to most other pain medications). The combinations help more than anything else has- at least I am able to hold down a job.
    8- whatever works for the patient
    9- often unable to even get out of bed due to unrelenting pain.
    10- #2
    11- #2 (explanation: I think people should use whatever works for them