• 17 days ago

    Response to Endless Fatigue

    I've had Fibro for a long time. I'm seeing that some of us are getting help with the pain- but not the Exhaustion & Brain Fog. It's the most challenging thing I deal with, too.
    We know its been studied & is a well documented symptom. We are NOT lazy people!
    Did you know that mostly very well educated, intelligent, driven & successful young ladies are the common recipients of this disease?
    That's my story, too. I was never happier in my life .when I became ill. We fight for anything & every thing "normal"!

    So- as far as the fatigue- its the biggest part of this nightmare we face.
    I begged my Dr. to give me something for energy for years. I just wanted a springboard to help me to do all the common sense stuff I knew I needed to do- like exercise, shop well for the most nutrious foods. After asking for a year-
    he reluctantly gave me Ritalin. Started very low-
    .5 mgm if my memory serves me. 3x day. Gradually increased to what worked. It was so good to feel/think clearly.
    I had some motivation & it was life changing.
    I could make plans! And show up! I made meals!
    Initiated phone calls, stayed up past 8:00 pm!
    However- the downside was my desire to do more- take better care of my kids, get a PT job, etc.

    Had so.much to catch up on. So I slept less- did more activity than was good for me; then I crashed. For a week.
    So NOT good.
    But if you can adhere to the instructions -
    this might help. I've read about Modafinil & Provigil
    to be mild stimulants that could work.
    Just be aware of the dangers of dependency
    & addiction.