• 11 months ago

    Fibromyalgia...or not???

    I've been having slight fatigue for at least a year. I've had pain at almost all the fibro trigger points for several years. I sometimes have unexplained pain that is not related to an injury or anything else...just comes out of nowhere and affects my neck, lower back, and hips. My doctor said it "might" be a touch fibromyalgia but didn't say or do anything beyond that. I'm already on 2 antidepressants for long-term depression/anxiety. I wonder if anyone else here has had a similar experience....


  • 10 months ago

    RE: Fibromyalgia...or not???

    One thing i have learnt in my later life is how important Feet are... re.... "sudden pain"... i had terrible pain in my knees.... after test etc it was my 'flat feet'
    Do not underestimate this!!!
    A chiropidist i worked for told my my toes showed it had been a life long problem.

    It can cause... knee pain back hips and neck pain! Simply all put out of joint.
    My fibromyalgia was often flaring up due to stress and/or strain on joints.
    All best