• 4 months ago

    Dr dismissed my pelvic pain

    I just need to vent. I’m having a really hard time letting this go. I am 64 and have had fibromyalgia since I was 38. I went to my gynocologist in January as I had a deep ache in my pelvic area and thighs that was like I used to experience during my periods. He had the tech do an ultrasound and found I have a small dermoid cyst. However, he came in rather defensively and stated the cyst coukdn’t be causing my pain and that since I have “that thing that makes you hurt all the time” it was probably from that. I had a repeat ultrasound a month later and it had not grown. He recommended rechecking in 6 months. I still have the pain at times but it isn’t worse and his plan fits with what I’ve read is the current thinking. However I am still so angry at him(my Dr of 28 years who is also old). My husband thinks I am over reacting but I felt so blown off. Thanks for listening!


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Dr dismissed my pelvic pain

    It's frustrating to bring up any new symptoms. It seems like if you have fibromyalgia that means nothing else could be causing your symptoms or there is nothing that can be done. It is difficult not to feel like a hypochondriac when your body is sending you messages that something is wrong but no one knows why or how to fix it. Fixable, serious, things can be happening that are not related to fibro!