• 8 months ago

    Fibro progression???

    I got diagnosed (more than once) in 1999 with Fibromyalgia. Slowly but surely I have learned to live with it but it does change your life and I watch every little thing become a "CHRONIC" issue with me BUT last month I woke up with a strange foot pain, it was very odd and did not feel like FMS. I just dealt with it BUT then a week or so later it was also in my other foot and this concerned me. I went to doc and of course its more than likly a flair up but again it felt weird, not FMS like. the pain quickly moved into my calves and even further my thighs. now today it stays with me and is off the charts rediculous. I saw a neurologist and they ran a CT for MS and blood work. The test came back good but of course MRI was needed but cant have that due to a spinal stimulator. a few days a go my left wrist started to hurt and now has become a huge issue and my jar started to pop while eating and locks up....all muscle related it seems which does look like FMS BUT again does not feel like it. I wake in middle of night when i do fall asleep and I could have horrible unbearable pain in my hands, or one night it was my big toe...it seems worse in morning and evenings..I get up barley and have to hold on to things to walk. Im on percoset, gabbepentin, Butabatol for headaches,,,I have flexeril, hydro, tramadol, and a few others in the locked arsenal but Im very careful. MY QUESTION FOR Y'ALL IS HAS ANYONE HAD IT FOR A LONG TIME AND ALL OF THE SUDDEN IT JUST PROGRESSED AND IS DEVASTATING TO YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE?????? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Fibro progression???

    This sounds exactly me. I have tick borne infections. I don't remember a bite or rash but I think I've had it a long time. It does mimic fibro. You need to find a Lyme literate/Lyme aware doctor pronto. (It has to be a Lyme doc because the standard medical community will not acknowledge this. There is a huge battle between them and the people who have researched chronic lyme so don't go to a traditional infectious disease doc.) You can register at the ILADS website and do a doctor search. I'm so sorry. But you CAN get better, so have hope!