• 9 months ago

    New to fibro

    Hello I am 26 and I have just be diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 10 years of in pain. Now I have just started seeing a new guy and well he’s amazing love him to bits but my issue is with my condition is will it affect it me in years to come will I get worse?
    I don’t know and that’s stressing me out physical therapy doesn’t work baths make me lock up the only thing that seems to work is my painkillers now and then but I dont want to rely on them if people know what I mean.
    It’s all new and well I just don’t know what it means x


  • 8 months ago

    RE: New to fibro

    Your fibromyalgia won't necessarily get worse - it's not a progressive disease. You will need a partner who can give you the space to manage this illness, however: if you need extra time to sleep, for physical therapy, etc., you need a partner who can support you through this over the long haul, and if you want children, you need someone who might be willing to "take up the slack" if caring for a small child makes symptom-management more difficult.