• Intense need for massage

    I have a symptom which is sometimes so hard to live with. I have this intense need for deep massage. I can ache all over but still need a massage so badly I've often bruised myself trying to find relief. I've tried various massagers, lacrosse balls (way better than tennis balls, btw), and random things like dice, lip balm, etc, just trying to get that feeling to go away. I've described it as an itch. It keeps me up at night. My husband tries to help, but it's never enough. When I splurge on a 90-minute professional massage, I leave wishing I could afford several more hours. Right now, the muscle that's driving me nuts is my left ileopsoas. I can feel it from the inside of my femur head all the way up through my pelvic girdle to where it connects to the inside of my spine. It's been "itching" for weeks. Stretching helps only a little. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to massage such a deep muscle? :( Has anyone else had this type of muscle itch? How have you found relief?