• 7 months ago

    Re: Tapering off Dilaudid

    Need advice. My doctor retired and didn't tell me so I could plan ahead. His treatment plan worked for the Fibro and Interstitial Cystitis but his partner took over his cases and his treatment plan is not the same. This new doctor cut the Dilaudid down to 4 mg a day from 8 mg 4 times a day and I missed work because of it. I have been reading online that a doctor should taper it and I want to know if this is true and do I have a case for legal action against both doctors?


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Re: Tapering off Dilaudid

    OMG. I would find another doctor. I am so sorry to hear what the new doctor did to you. You must have gone through hell during the withdrawal. In my opinion, (I'm not a doctor, just been playing the Fibro game for a long time) no doctor, worth any credibility, should cut you down so far, so fast.
    Find a new doctor. If you didn't think that the mechanic for your car gave you the right diagnostic report you'd get a new mechanic. Why not do that for yourself?
    Interview new potential doctors, I'm sure that you can find one that is a better fit than this quack. I've actually just started a blog recently and am in the process of posting a series, "Step By Step Guide In Talking To Your Doctor About Fibromyalgia". Even though you already have the diagnosis you might still find the series helpful when finding someone new. Part one published today and I'll have part two written in a couple of days from now.
    Good Luck, stand up for yourself, and don't worry about hurting the former doctor's feelings, they obviously didn't care about yours.