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    Chronic pain

    I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia last October. I had been having "flare ups" prior to the diagnosis since 2016 but didn't know what it was since I have other medical issues as well. I then noticed last year it became increasingly difficult to concentrate and focus. I had no idea what was going on. So, I spoke with my neurologist and she put me on Zoloft. It didn't help at all and I was on it for 6 weeks. She then prescribed me Effexor which she said would most likely be more effective. It started working almost immediately. I felt alive again. The depression and feelings of anxiety started to decrease and I've been taking it ever since. I then saw a Rheumatologist who diagnosed the fibromyalgia in the first appointment. The trigger points on my body are in my neck. Once my neck starts to hurt, the pain travels down my back, arms, legs, and abdomen. It is the worst pain ever. I am now on Lyrica for the fibromyalgia and it's been helping. But I must say in order to keep the "flare ups" at bay, your diet has to change. Your diet contributes a great deal to the "flare ups." Sugar, carbs, and soda are major factors. I have accepted that there is no cure for this but I've learned to manage it the best way I know how.


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    RE: Chronic pain

    Hello I was diagnosed about 21years ago. Here are a few things that have really helped to keep me feeling good (after years of trial and error):
    1. Vitamin B - THIS IS A MUST...take it every day!!!! (If you travel take it with you.) FYI, if you feel tired also you may want to include an iron supplement but check with your doctor.
    2. Stress level - No matter what, you have to reduce your stress or else you WILL have a flare up. Your muscles/nerves will go hay-wire and cause you to feel sick and tired. So, if you know you have a big project to complete, do the project but make sure to allow your body to rest the following day.
    3. Stretch- as soon as you wake up in the morning stretch your body all over for a few minutes. This really helps to losen the muscles.
    4. Drink LOTS of water. This helps to keeps toxins from building up in the muscles and prevent aches/pains.
    5. Diet - Yes, I gave up soft drinks and reduced my sugar intake. (Also, I don't eat beef or pork but that is my personal decision.)
    6. Exercise - get good/consistent exercise but don't overdo it. Sometimes if I went hard at the gym, I've gotten a flare up and got sick all over again (aka- Gym Flu).
    7. Try YOGA!!!! This practically saved me. You will feel so much better. But, be careful if you have High Blood Pressure (do NOT do the heated yoga).

    Here is something you need to know about REST. Be very careful, because sometimes you will think "I just need to lay in bed and get more rest, but I found that "bed-rest" actually stiffens the muscles more. Yes, you do need to get rest, but do NOT lay in bed all day because it often makes it worse. Instead, go for a short walk outside. This will help a great deal.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better.
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        Oh...and they also tried to put me on those same anti-depressants...They didn't work!!! The Vitamin B/Iron cocktail, along with the lifestyle change has worked the best.
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        What are your thoughts on adding CoQ10? It helps our cells produce energy, including our muscle and nerve cells. There is some evidence that may be help: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27974102
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        I believe I tried CoQ10 many, many years ago, but honestly I don't believe I took it long enough for it to be effective. I remember that it made me really sleepy so I stopped taking it. However, I may start taking it again but perhaps at a diffierent time of the day.
        Thanks for sharing!
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        : Thank you so much for this information. I have done some of the things that you mentioned and have decreased the number of flare ups that I was getting before. I just started taking vitamin B-12 since I was low according to my doctor. I do need to start taking some iron as well but I will check with my doctor who I see next week. Thank you again.