• 8 months ago

    New hear.

    Well after months of wondering why my cpk levels were sky high they gave me a label, fibromyalgia! Wow already type 1 diabetic, and have stents in my heart now this. We all should make a new page like a support group, since there is not so many. Just means were special lol. Yes I lost many of friends don't have the will for going out. Just another thing I have to deal with. Starting I.v. treatment next week. I sure hope it helps some. I hope everyone is doing ok? And hang in there.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: New hear.

    Hi Buffy, Have you tried "Patients Like Me"? I signed up there a few years ago but I haven't actually been back so I don't know how good it is. I know that they're still around because I keep getting reminder emails. I probably should go and explore the site again since I lost most of my mobile friends also. I still see people once in a while but it's not the same.
    What is the I.V. treatment for? Is it a treatment option for Fibro? If it is please let us know how it works. I think that most of us on here will try just about anything for some relief. I know there are days where I will. If it works I'll research it and post it on my blog. I really hope that it works for you anyway, you have a lot going on, you need a break.
    Good Luck,