• 9 months ago

    Fibromyalgia diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 19. I'lll be 21 this year. I've had many tests done and xrays. It started when I was around 10, in my left knee. Then I started getting migraines and chronic headaches. For weeks at a time. Then it went to my left hip. Both my knee and hip swell, my hip swells to double it's size. It started to affect my back. It causes cramps, swelling in many parts if my body, and has recently started to pop my collarbone out. It mostly affects my left side, so I guess I'd say that's my bad side. I'm medicated for the fibromyalgia, headaches and swelling. Doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia because there was nothing else they could find wrong with my body. I've always had issues with sleeping and it's only gotten worse. I've tried different medication for sleeping but haven't found anything that really helps. So I'd say doing any daily activities is very hard. Especially because my pain has only gotten much worse since I was diagnosed at 19.