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    Tired of dealing with FM basically alone since my family thinks I'm just getting old , anti-social , and lazy !!! Since I do have major back and neck issues , the FM just adds to the stress ! I was diagnosed about 10 years ago while being tested for lupus . Have been on Cymbalta for years ! Tried getting off and the pain doubled ! But lately a new wrinkle that has put me out of commission right here at Christmas --- serious headaches that have lasted for 2 months with only brief let ups ! HELP !!!!! RockinOldGranny19 from Tyler, TX


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    Sorry you are having additional problems on top of the FM. Do you take vitamins and supplements? Curious as to what other tools you have to deal with your FM. Diet and exercise can help your symptoms. Heat and massage are good for me. Share some things that work for you. I do hope you feel better soon.
    Take Care,
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    prayers for you dear you got to learn what foods that hurt fibro.
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    Hello RockinOldGranny19,
    My name is Sandy and well if hopefully nothing changes on my MRI checks for"possible MS(hope hope)" in the near future then a rheumatologist one of four left her in the Vally of the SUN, Arizona,is calling it FM! I have been reading and studying,listening and testing up on FM,MS,Lupis, even persuaded them to let me try to have Hypothyroidism and every other acronym for the last 10 years! 10 years ago,thats when this ALL finally "exploded" for lack of a better word! I have been reading ALOT of peoples entries here in this chat group and yours just felt all to familiar. So maybe we can help eachother in some way or another! haven't felt like myself since 1998, you know what I mean? My birthday is this Saturday Febuary 18th and I'm going to be 42! Dosen't sound so bad when you are speaking with someone about it out LOUD, like "hey I'm forty two(too)"!? Kind of sounds like I could take two years off the top then Then we could just be forty again! Well anyway, that's my attempt at cyber-humor! I have been a patient of a great Neurologist for about 10 years now. 10 LONG CRAZY UP AND DOWN, mostly DOWN, years. The only think that's been on the upside the past 2 years is my WEIGHT!! It was however, my exploring EVERY OTHER MEDICAL SPECIALIST and getting EVERY OTHER specialty TEST/exam done on every ongoing symptom, side effect,concern,PAIN, and just plain ingnorance(unknoledgeable) questio that just NEEDED AN ANSWER!! What the HELL is wrong with me!? That's how I ended up with Fibromyalgia. I guess my Nerologist just Dosent diagnosis that!?!?!? Don't get me wrong,I love my Nerologist he's the ONLY Dr. That even cares and wants to try to help me at least for 10 minutes out of my life once a month!!
    I really want to keep this positive and helpful to you so I won't complain anymore. I also have been on Cymbalta for years and attempted to come off and couldn't even function from the PAIN. I ALSO STAYED ON! It is one of the only three drugs the FDA has OK'd for FM! I have tried the other two with terrible side effects so it's Cymbalta for me!
    ONE reason I see a Nerologist is for Migrains! Yes Headaces! I assumed it was part of the FM package! I have suffered from all kinds of headaches my WHOLE LIFE, right after age 12 when I got Mononucleosis and was SICK for about 6 straight weeks! BAD!!!
    Never was quite the same after!
    Migrains finally got the best of me in 2011 but first I suffered my first GRAND-MAL seizure in 2008 (totally unrelated ) whatever!
    So the Miracle OF MEDICAL BOTOX saved my "quality of life! "LOL! Every three months 38 injections in my head and neck that I even PAY ALOT OF MONEY and "stand in line for it,"so you know they have to work but, NOPE!! I get NO COSMETIC BONUS FROM IT EITHER! They Do help. It's worth every dollar and possible side effect! That is the only help I have to offer except maybe to offer someone that's probably misunderstood and suffering just like you to chat with ANYTIME YOU NEED! I can be a great friend!
    Thanks for your time snd compassion-Sandy 41 and holding!
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    Hello - I am with YOU and I too am just JUMPING in feet 1st and YOU are my first response.. LOL This is tough to deal with- even for the strongest of us. My Story: I was recently diagnosed with FMS 2 weeks ago - age 50. However, my symptoms: chronic pain through out my body, complete exhaustion, terrible migraine headaches and many other things ...started about a year ago. My doctor just kind of blew this off telling me I was probably just depressed or menopausal, but I wasn't depressed, what was depressing was all the other symptoms. About a month ago I think I had my 1st real "FLARE UP" had never heard of that but researched a lot and when I saw that I have to saw it was a relief to know that I wasn't alone! I went back to my GP - explained all of this once again... and this time he finally diagnosed me with Fibro. I am on day 8 of taking the prescribed Lyrica. In the first 5 days of starting Lyrica I have to tell you - I was in complete shock at how GOOD I felt! I was in tears just at the thought that I felt like MYSELF again. I did more in those 5 days then I had in months combined. Now the down side, day 6 - all of a sudden I feel like my skin is sunburned, my mouth has a burning feeling and I am in panic mode of course. I have researched this drug and it is pretty scary the side effects - but not sure if I am having a bad reaction of if this is just one more symptom of Fibro. This whole disease (And that's what I think it is) is very scary and the worst part is the LONELY feeling. If you don't have Fibro. you can NOT understand it! Hope to hear back from you... And more importantly I hope you're feeling well today!
      • I am terrible at reading my phone messages but now that I have a new friend I will definitely do better! I want to know how you are doing on Lyrica ? That seems like a pretty bad reaction. Skin on fire would be up there on my *** feeling list! I could write for days on end about side effects of RX medications I've been on in my lifetime of crazy and pain and just trying to figure out just what the hell is wrong with me ! I know I've said that a time or two but I just can't get it in my head that 1/2 the people and 1/2 the doctors I know don't believe in "Fibromyalgia disorder "as it was recently stated to me,by my gyno, a few days ago. I always tip-toe around the way I present things that are going on with me. I am always surprised by people's reactions no matter what their opinion. I had to lean towards "I have possible MS" diagnosis,just to get any kind of compassion reaction from my Gynecologist and others many others. Sad isn't it to live like we do. I can't even work anymore and my neighbors barley say "hi" anymore due to that uncomfortable chit chat of
        "so how are you feeling?" and "what's the latest from your doctors"conversation.
        I feel like an outcast most of the time which isn't good for my children's sake. I have a teenage daughter(kill me now) and a nine year old son,I'm still raising on my own. Well, I couldn't do it alone anymore so my mother and I live together and she is my god sent! Sometimes my devil too but mostly my saving grace!
        Well,just a little 'get to know me' info. I am tired of hearing, a lot of things but,most of all "I know someone with fibromyalgia and they can ......"! Ex: work Ex: drive at night Ex: raise their kids alone Ex: walk on water and juggle etc... ! Well the only response I have left anymore is GOOD FOR THEM! They are not me and I don't know what they are feeling but I DEFIANTLY KNOW HOW I FEEL! Those are just an example of SOME of the daily things I just struggle with and just can't or shouldn't do! I'm a danger to myself and to others around me under certain circumstances. I was in the dental field for 20+ years and I Had to stop working when I STARTED droping my instruments and other things I couldn't feel in my hands anymore, on the patient while working on them or when I went to the office and my right eye just goes blind for no reason. I was in three,not to serious, car accidents right before I stopped working most were from falling asleep on the road on my way into work. Also other parts of my body physically wouldn't do what they are saposed to normally do. I remember when for a while I wouldn't make it to the bathroom on time at the office and would pee myself just enough to be noticed, humiliating! I just could sit here and write story after story about my adventures in fining my FM DIAGNOSIS! Maybe I should write a book? I hope you are doing well and you've found your medication that works for you.
        Have a good day.
        I look forward to hearing from you again !---Sandy