• 6 months ago

    Mysterious shoulder cracking, muscle tightness, and blushing

    Last November after waking up one day with a particularly sore back and neck, for no apparent reason I started getting stiff shoulder, neck, and upper back muscles coupled with sudden attacks of heat and blushing on my neck and ears every night. Since then, the back pain has subsided but I still have stiff neck and shoulder muscles that seem to correlate with these "neck and ear hot flashes" as well as snapping cracking noises from scapula and neck movements and I have been gradually getting a more hunched over posture that I haven't been able to correct despite regular stretching and daily posture/behavior changes.

    People have brought up the possibility of a pinched nerve, red ear syndrome, or fibromyalgia including my primary care doctor and a neurologist but no one has given me much of a diagnosis that encompasses all symptoms or any possible course of action. Mostly I want to figure out ways to address my muscle tightness and snapping scapula since those are the symptoms that appeared first and might be something I could go to physical therapy for.

    Any advice or examples from prior experience are greatly appreciated.