• 6 months ago

    Fibro, IC, bipolar & anxiety but good, really good

    Hello, everyone! I have fibromyalgia, IC, bipolar & anxiety disorders, but thank God I'm doing well and am so thankful!
    I am a devoted wife and caregiver to my quadriplegic brother, who I love very much.
    I write a blog about us, with an upbeat, Christian viewpoint, called StrivingThroughAdversity.com . Please stop by! I love to meet new friends! I just published volume 6, and we've got 58 affiliate advertisers who have great deals going on. Any purchase you make helps to pay for the blog expenses and greatly helps us: my loving husband, a grad student; the enormous medical bills for myself and my dear brother; and our future babies that we dream to adopt. Thanks for reading! ❤️