• 7 months ago

    Pain Stiffness in hands & Fingers

    I m 37 years old just gave birth to my 3rd child a year ago 8/30:2016 Jan of This year I started experiencing what seemed to be my hands falling asleep I'd wake up shaking them. Then would become More frequent and more painful feeling startling from elbow thru middle finger. Now it's both hand s morning so much the tingling sensation as if hand she are asleep use to be just at night it's all day long more in knuckles and joints of fingers both hands
    I am being treated for bipolar and depression andbhad so e medication changes over last 8 months . I'm also a ballroom dance teacher been dancing all my life very active but it's getting to the point I can't pick up my 1 yr old sacrificing somebody hobbies painting beading etc . Seems to be getting worse espiecally at night pits me into tears .

    Please help w any suggestions
    Need my hands