• 4 months ago


    I've had fibro for about 7-8 years now. It was very stressful until I found the right combination of drugs. The only thing I won't take is narcotics. Once I was diagnosed with Fibro. Several other problems popped up. Restless Leg Syndrome, ( mine is actually restless limb syndrome. I get the movement in arms, legs, and shoulders. I take a parkinson medicine for this. Then Rayards came, a blood circulation disease. Then Stomatitis terrible ulcers, fever blisters, swollen gums, and burning tongue. And finally I got food poisoning. All of this is from having an autoimmune disease. Your body slowly can't fight off germs healthy people can. So yes I take a lot of pills. I have to to function. My 6 year old grandson lives with me and we never slow down. I'm retired and we do all kinds of fun stuff every day. You may have what's called flare ups. Those days when you can only lay in the bed. i get them when I do too much. Feels like the flu. I'm not on a special diet. I haven't investigated this very much. I do take about 16-17 pills daily.

    Hope this info helps. It's just something you have to learn to live with. Try to stay away from people with infections. You body can't fight them.