• 4 months ago

    Is this fibromyalgia or Celiac?

    Symptoms like needles, pins,inflammation, ants bite and Itchy.
    Since December, 2016 I have symptoms like needles, pins,inflammation, ants bite and Itchy all over the body.I feel skin pain when I scratch.Symptoms are worse on standing and sitting,If I keep move feel little better.Other problem are rashes on groin,elbow and legs, color changes form white to brown, for these issues Dermatologist gave Ala-Quin Cream.
    I have also attached my groin area rashes pics .
    Neurologist mentioned EMG report is normal and ordered Paresthesia test, that's not done yet. Endocrinologist ordered Celiac test, lab results didn't come yet.

    For last 8 yrs taking Lyrica for Fyabromyalgia and since 11 yrs taking Levothyroxin for hypothyroid problem.Also taking multi vitamins (with No Iron) and D-Vitamin.

    What could be the reason for my problems?


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Is this fibromyalgia or Celiac?

    It sure does sound like Celiac, but the blood test isn't always reliable. I was told a biopsy of the colon is better. My Dr. also said that the best way to tell if it is Celiac is to cut all gluten from your diet and see how you feel after 2-4 weeks. If that doesn't seem to be it, then try cutting out all sugar-that really helps to cut down on the inflammation. Hope you figure it out, sounds miserable!