• 4 months ago

    Uterine fibroids grew up very fast, my wife has been operated on for many times

    She has been operated on these years for three times, almost annually. Today the inspection found again that multiple uterine myomas in her womb , the largest size is 1cm*1cm. Now it needn't surgery, but according to previous experience, its size may grow to 3cm* 3cm in the second half of this year, and then 5cm*5cm. We don't want to have an operation once more. After these oprations, She has a lot of adhesions inside her uterus
    , and she is on the verge of collapse. But I don't know why her uterine fibroids are growing so fast, and doctor here don't know either. We have been very careful about our diet, eating less greasy and spicy things. What should I do?

    She was born in 1980, and didn't bear before.

    Sorry for my poor English, thanks.