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  • 1 day ago

    Lessons Learned from Fibro Pt. 2

    I know my last post was lengthy which is why I needed to break it up. I have a lot to say and hope by reading this that it is helping you. Food plays a tricky part in all of this. A lot of the medications, especially the pain meds and the psych meds, interfere with how our bodies break down food as well as toxins. It is imperative to pay attention to the signals your body is sending. If you are feeling full all the time with little to no appetite you need to talk to your doctor. If your skin or eyes....
  • 8 days ago

    calves are burning

    I could barely get out of bed & walk the other day because of my calves. I've exercised on/off my entire life so I know what sore calves feel like. BUT I haven't exercised in over a month, so I honestly couldn't understand what I had done because it felt like I had run a marathon or started an exercise program like bootcamp, both leave you with sore calves & thighs. Today marks day 4 of the same pain and I'm stumped to understand the cause. It was this morning that I began....
  • 10 days ago

    University Medical College study shows great success treating fibromyalgia

    The doctors medical group at university of Tel Aviv did a study using hyperbaric chamber to treat fibromyalgia. They reported 100% success, defined by patients no longer needing pain medicine. After the study, they put the control group through the treatment, and they too had 100% success. This same study was replicated by the US National Institute of Health. They changed the protocol but still reported amazing success at . The original protocol called....
  • 10 days ago

    Fibromyalgia and CBD OIL

    Has anyone used CBD OIL to help fibromyalgia symptoms?
  • 14 days ago

    Need input on anyone using Savella

    I have had Fibro for 20 years with severe flares at times but they usually lasted a few days over the counter meds worked. Now for the first time I am in the worst flare of every pressure point on my body doctor is suggesting Savella still waiting on Insurance approval I read the side effects which really scare me . Anyone using this now and what type of response have you had.
  • 25 days ago

    Case study suggests that fecal microbiota transplant may alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms

    Here's the reference: Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Fibromyalgia: A Case Report and Review of the Literature Open Journal of Gastroenterology PP. 131-139 Author(s) T. Thurm1, J. N. Ablin2, D. Buskila3,4, N. Maharshak1* This was quite encouraging to me, has anyone tried this? It seems that FMT for fibro should be an urgent study topic with clinical trials ongoing.
  • 27 days ago


    I have had fibromyalgia for about 7 years. I manage the pain okay most of the time with my meds. But the fatigue never goes away. I am wondering how others deal with their fatigue. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.
  • 27 days ago

    Roommate anyone?

    Hi, my name is Susan. I am new to this board, but not new to Fibro. I have CFS since 1987 and Fibro since 1994. I was 27 when I became ill with Fibro and went on permanent disability. Since I was relatively young when I went on disability I get a decent amount a month but not enough to live alone. Am living with family right now but I am looking to see if anyone needs a roommate to split living costs. My family don't believe I am really ill. They never have. They say I'm on vacation. I know....
  • Is it fibromyalgia or a misdiagnosis?

    Is it fibromyalgia or a misdiagnosis? Please get more opinions! My 34 yr old son who lives several states away from me was diagnosed was fibromyalgia over a year ago then his symptoms just got worse. He got pneumonia 6 months ago and when more tests were done he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s. Already at Stage 2. Since then he is now at stage 3 and has to have a bone marrow transplant. Please keep us in your thoughts and I truly hope none of you or anyone ever has to go through this ordeal!
  • 27 days ago

    Fibro Symptoms

    Hello Everyone, New here. I'm starting to lose it emotionally and I'm reaching out to see if my thinking could be correct. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago when I went for a pain injection for back pain. I cannot take most of the prescription drugs due to allergic reactions. Pretty much just norco for pain and that is prescribed by my Orthopedic for degenerative disc disease. Lately, I am suffering from chronic UTI's and body aches like the flu. Fatigue, ha! My PCP diagnosed me with....