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  • 2 hours ago

    So frustrated that I feel like I’ve lost who I really am

    Hi I never been on a forum before but my daughter with chrons tells me it really helps her so here goes! I was diagnosed with arthritis in my 20’s so I already knew pain. But then I had a car accident 4 years ago and Fibromyalgia reared it’s ugly head! I currently take gabepentin and cymbalta plus Percocet! I’m turning 65 this year “soon” and suffer every day. I can barely get out for a walk re: advanced arthritis. I was walking then si joints seized up ! Help me please friends! I did try marijuana....
  • 5 hours ago

    Fibromyalgia and CBD OIL

    Has anyone used CBD OIL to help fibromyalgia symptoms?
  • 2 days ago

    Advice please

    Hi. I am 31 years old and have the symptoms of fibro, my gp has put me on duloxetine 20mg twice a day but due to pain level they have upped it to 60mg daily. Im currently off work due to the symptoms and the constant fatigue. My hair is falling out too. I have been referred to rheumatology but the waiting list is12-14weeks.i am really struggling to cope and even daily tasks around house are hard.i dont go out the house much as the pain is bad and its just an effort. Any advice please x
  • 3 days ago

    Fibromyalgia at Tim Hortons

    I'm a 22 yo female working at Tim Hortons full time. I noticed my symptoms at 18 right after graduating high school and moving from home. I know it's the stress that's causing the symptoms but I need to find a way to deal with it because it affects my work. According to my managers, I ask to leave early too often because my shoulders are just piercing me with pain. Everyday half way through the shift, it hurts to hold my head up because my shoulders and neck are hurting so much. I smoke....
  • 4 days ago

    Advice needed

    Hi there, Looking for some advice. I've struggled for over a decade with Mental Health and always been on a cocktail of extremely potent sedatives. I made the decision recently with my Psychiatrist that I wanted to stop my meds and try and be strong enough mentally to cope without them. I've always suffered with being in pain but since stopping the strong meds I was on its become 10 times worse, I am in agony daily!! :( Been reading up on Fibro and can honestly say I tick all the boxes......
  • So tired

    Was recently dx'd. Not pleased about it, of course, but it does explain why I've felt like total crap for the last three years. The worst for me is, that after working a full day (I'm a substitute teacher), it takes me another day to recover from it. I've really cut back on where I work (not too far from home) and when. Half days are great when they come along. Here it, 12:30 am in not so sunny California, and I'm up because my lower legs are killing me. Taken my meds, just waiting....
  • 6 days ago


    Hi just wondering what medication(s) others are on for their Fibromyalgia symptoms. I am so exhausted and looking for feedback from other fellow Fibromyalgia sufferers. Thanks
  • 8 days ago


    I have moved to another state and am unable to find a doctor who will see me when they see I'm on pain medication. Today I had to go to the ER because the pain was unbearable. I received a dose of pain medicine and that was all they said that they could do.I had even been to a pain clinic and was told to see a psychiatrist. I am so frustrated,exhausted and in pain. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Thanks for letting me vent.
  • 8 days ago


    Has anyone been diagnosed with Lupus on Top the Fibromyalgia? Going to Mayo end of month. No medication is working, Lyceria didn’t relief the pain enough and gain 70lbs in 6 Months. Gabapention not strong enough like taking water. On 9 medication per day the only prescription that works Tizanidine 4mg but can only take 3 times a short action. Caused extreme sedation
  • 9 days ago


    It’s very frustrating when Dr’s send you to a psychiatrist. The reason they do this!! Is that they are too stupid on this issue an rather than show this they would rather make you feel as if something is wrong with you. I’ve been thru this. I hurt constantly. I have a great pain management Dr. but when I go to see my regular md., they act like I’m depressed like all I need to do is exercise. I was a body builder an a full contact mma fighter for 25 years, a long distance runner an biker. They also....