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  • 1 day ago

    Several Issues after cataract surgery

    Had both my eyes done in July and Aug 2017. At my one week visit Dr told me was doing super. I told him that I ( my left eye) was seeing star light effects and sparklers when I saw headlights & streets lights & and party lights. I also head beams of light coming from and ceiling light. He said I was doing super.. and give it a little more time. There does to seem to be a slight folding on the eye, however that should disappear. Right was done in late August. Next day visit my right looked....

    It’s a long story. You got time? I pray you do. August 2017, I tripped while hiking with my dogs Nibbler and Buddy at a local off leash county park. I was knocked out. Came to covered in blood and dirt. Pups panting hard. No one around to help. I made it home and laid down. I know, I know don’t lecture me. My husband came home six hours later and found me unresponsive. Emergency room fixes everything, right? Not so much. The “doctor” refused me an MRI or a CAT scan. He did not check my eyes. He sent....

  • Eye sight

    I had cataract surgery, and i hsve had nothing but troble with my eyesight. It's blurry, i can't read simple road signs. I can't read real well and see many things in the distant. They tell me its because of my dry eye. Is this true?
  • 16 days ago

    Cataract Cure Left to Rot - Humanity Abandoned

    The optical clarity of the natural human eye lens is maintained by the "chaperone" protein alpha-crystallin, which is one of the lens proteins. "Chaperone" means that the alpha crystallin de-aggregates the other lens proteins if they are in aggregation mode (cataract). In cataract, the "chaperone" activity of alpha-crystallin has been lost, either due to clumping of the alpha-crystallin itself, or to binding of the alpha-crystallin with so-called Advanced Glycation End....
  • 19 days ago

    Monocular to Binocular Vision in 15 y/o

    I’m 15 and have seen out of one eye at a time my whole life. Is there any surgery or therapy I could go through to get binocular vision?
  • 1 month ago

    Extreme stingy, watery eye in the afternoon

    So this has been going on for many years but much more frequent nowadays. During workdays, typically after about 6-7 hours that I've been at work, my eyes suddenly feels tired and then a bit later it starts watering uncontrollably, feels very stingy like I just cut up some onions, and doesn't go away unless I rub my eyes with tissues. Sometimes it happens when I'm driving and it really becomes a dangerous problem then. This seems to only happen when I'm working or driving for long....
  • 2 months ago

    Cataract surgery which type of lens?

    I am to be scheduled for my first cataract surgery. I asked my doctor about the Toric Lens to correct my life-long astigmatism. He recommends them but he also said he would correct my vision to mono vision. I have worn glasses for years to correct both my nearsighted and farsighted vision. Would I be better off to have Toric Lenses that correct for multivision? Also, each Toric Lens will cost $1500 over what Medicare allows. Is this a reasonable fee?
  • 4 months ago

    Hazy vision in one eye that comes and cataract surgery

    I had cataract surgery about 3 years ago.....and now I'm having issues with my left eye. I'm not sure if this problem I'm having is connected to the cataract surgery. I have hazy, or cloudy, vision in my left eye. It's not every day, however when it occurs, it starts in the middle of the day and lasts all day until the next morning. It seems to clear up during the night when I'm sleeping. When I'm experiencing the hazy starts out partially hazy, but within a few....
  • 4 months ago

    Cataract Surgery

    I have been reading these poor people's post after surgery. How much did you folks research your surgeon and how much did you research prior to the surgery? I am sorry you are having problems. This is your vision folks. I have had both eyes done one for the interior lense on the left eye in 2010 without anesthesia a local only and watched the procedure. Then in 2012 I had lense done on my right eye with a twilight anesthesia. I will never have it done that way and it was done after I specifically....
  • 5 months ago

    Problems with cataract surgery

    I searched on cataracts and found a couple of very long threads, but I'm not up for reading them right now--my eye hurts too much. So I hope no one minds if I start a new thread? I may be having a bad experience, even though everyone told me it wasn't painful or a big deal. I had cataracts in both eyes--small ones, the doctor said. So I had the left one done a few weeks ago. They put me under. And it hurt! The next day when I went in, he said one of the stitches came out, and one was loose....