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  • 2 months ago

    Dog Eye Health

    Can anyone tell me what they know about glaucoma? Our family has a husky that has been closing his eye and is dealing with optic nerve pain. They are thinking about removing his eye. We are looking to a cannabis oil protocol for pain and inflammation.
  • 2 months ago

    Severe Headaches after Surgery

    3 years ago I had bi-lateral cataracts and bi-lateral retinal detachment/tear. Over the last year I've had severe headaches particularly in the temples and I was just wondering if this is a common occurrence? The only relief I get sometimes is when I have my eyes closed which makes it feel like a weight has been lifter of my head.
  • 2 months ago

    Best OTC drops for dry eyes

    I use Restasis to treat dry eye syndrome. I can no longer afford the rx. What is the best OTC drops for dry eye?
  • 3 months ago

    Eye trouble - goes away and then returns

    Hello, this past May, I was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer. I was treated with an antibiotic drop and steroid drop. Went back for an exam and all we good. A month later, my eyelid became inflamed and my eye red so I went back and was prescribed a steroid. It helped and all was well until about 3 months later- same symptoms. Prescribed steroid drops again. All was ok after that. Then 2-3 months later, same situation. It gets better for a while and then comes back. Starts with very sore upper eyelid....
  • 3 months ago

    My doctor told me that I have cataracts. Now what?

    I knew that my eyesight was poor. Need reading glasses, 3.50 now. I could have the 4.00 level. I dont have insurance for vision nor dental. I have Medicare A and B. Either one wont pay. if I look at tv without reading glasses, cant look at anything. Reading Glasses Is the my only vice I also take other meds, like Synthroid, Sertraline, Trazodone and klonipin by my psychiatrist. Reading about interactions. Sertraline can effect vision, and Trazodone. I have to take the synthroid, for life. But the....
  • 3 months ago

    Visual anomaly, not floater or flash

    When I flick my eyes to the right or upwards, especially with a bright background, a momentary crescent of light appears in my left eye (lasts a split second). It looks exactly like an afterimage. First noticed this 3 days ago, but possibly might have been present a long time since can be confused with a floater. However, it is not a floater, and doesn't seem to be a flash as not bright enough. Might this be serious?
  • 4 months ago


    i was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS for over 6 years which made loose my job and my relationship with my fiance after he discovered that i was having HIV, he departed from me i tried all my best to make him stays with me, but neglected me until a friend of mine on Facebook from spain told me Great healer, who will restore my life back with his powerful healing spell, he sent me the email address to contact and i quickly contacted him, and he said my condition can be solved, that he will treat the disease....
  • 4 months ago

    White spot on eyeball?

    I have a white-ish spot on my eyeball. It is on the white of the eye along the edge of the iris. Not painful, but scrtachy. Feels like an eyelash or particle of dust. Should I be worried?
  • 4 months ago

    I had dropless eye surgery

    Jan. 9. I felt the needle go in. Waa so painful I moved my head during the procedure and cried. Dr. told me next day the reason was because I didn't get enough anesthesia. Had lots of pain afterwards and a ached through about the 20th. That was the first time I slept comfortably however my sight did NOT improve either. Not only was the eye painful by the way but I physically affected I believe by the drugs used. I had nausea headaches twitching in eye and stomach as well....left side. Slept on....
  • 5 months ago

    Cataract surgery/Symfony - poor near vision

    Had cataract surgery on left eye four weeks ago, right eye one week ago. My near vision (iPhone, watch, etc.) is very bad, cannot see anything without 1.5 reading glasses. Far vision (computer and beyond) is pretty good, no major complaints. Getting a lot of 'flairing' which is very distracting but livable. I am quite disturbed with my near vision - have to put on and take off reading glasses to see anything, meaning I have to do it many times per hour. Cannot see food on a plate in front....