• 9 months ago

    How Risky Is Eye Surgery?

    The risk or danger of eye surgery?

    Hii guys, I am Tejas Rane, working as an analyst in digital marketing agency from last 18 months, at the start, everything was going pretty well, but from previous six months, I was having some problem in my eyes. So I went to the doctor and informed him about the problem I was facing, so he checked me and told me to start wearing spectacles. So it got sorted out. But I don't like to wear glasses. I am thinking of getting eye surgery done.

    I have also read somewhere that because of the eye surgery eyesight also get better as it reshapes our curvature.
    My only confusion was, Is it safe? It's the only question that has been killing me.

    So can any of you advise me or inform me about the eye surgery or the danger of eye surgery. It will be useful. Since i know about one surgeon Dr Sunil Arora https://alcsindia.com/plastic-surgeon-jaipur/


  • 8 months ago

    RE: How Risky Is Eye Surgery?

    My eyesight was off just a little, so I went to my optometrist and he said it was because I had cataracts and he could not correct my vision any futher and he recommended an ophthalmologist. I visited an ophthalmologist who told me that they could correct my vision and see perfectly again. Operated on my left eye and had just a touch of not perfect vision. Waited a few weeks and operated on my right eye. I ended up with imperfect vision. Seems as thou my left eye is looking 50 yards ahead while my right eye is looking 100 yards ahead. You can only imagine what I see using both my eyes, it’s terrible. At the same time, depending how I focus my eyes, I sometimes have double vision. After working with me a for a couple of months trying to correct the problem, he cut me loose, no recommendations. Nothing more I can do for you, good-by!

    I suggest that you try to locate an eye center such as the Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins University for your eye surgery.

    Recently, I located a doctor that specializes in cataracts and cornea of the eye to see if he can help me with my eyesight.

    I wish you Luck.