• 3 months ago

    Post Cataract Surgery

    I had a cataract removed about a year and a half ago. I think too many of these procedures are done and not enough attention is paid to informing the patient of potential problems. I had and have a vitreous separation and the cataract surgery was performed on the same eye. I now have a retina wrinkle in that eye and it's getting worse. My surgeon, supposedly the best in my area did not inform me I was at increased risk for this happening. I have now been told I need a secondary cataract surgery done on the same eye as the lense has clouded somewhat...I am not going back to the same doctor if and when I decide to do this. Also I have a cataract in the other eye and I will be in NO hurry to head to another cataract surgery...now or maybe never. I so wish I had taken my chances with the cataract in the first eye. By the way, I paid out of pocket $1,000 extra to have the procedure done with a laser rather than by hand. Total waste of money. Comments?