• 19 days ago

    Lasik eye surgery

    Hey, I have carried out eye correction surgery eight years back. At that time my vision was corrected and I was comfortable till last year. At that time I have carried out only for my right eye only. But now my left eye's vision has changed and I am planning to undergo LASIK surgery for the eye ( https://www.avantlasikspa.com/
    ). When I told my friend that I am planning to undergo LASIK for my left eye she asked me to check the power of my right eyes so that I can carry out LASIK for both the eyes on the same day. But I have doubt that whether we can carry out the LASIK surgery for both the eyes on the same day? Will that be a good idea? Or should I take a weeks gap between both the surgery? Is that okay to strain my eyes very next day after my surgery? Is there any pre-surgery test for my eye that must be carried out? Please share your views on taking the surgery for both my eyes.