• 5 months ago

    Retinal Detachments

    Hello, my name is Peter, I am 22, and I've had a retinal detachment for about 6 years now. I've had 6 surgeries (plus one cataract) to fix my detachment. But unfortunately they failed. I lost vision in my right eye, and my first doctor told me that the retina is attached, but because I had so many surgeries, the scar tissues won't permit me to see. But recently, another doctor told me that the eye is completely detached (which explains why I can't see). He told me that I shouldn't do anymore surgeries on it. But my question is: is there a chance of being able to see out of that eye again? And also, can organ transplants not work? Because since the retina is a part of the eye, shouldn't an organ transplant fix the issue?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Retinal Detachments

    Hi peter, I’m 23 and have had no-lateral retinal detatchments. Unfortunately and entire eye cannot be transplanted, with the only ‘eye transplant’ (so to speak) currently existing is that of the cornea. It’s a shame that with today’s advances in medical technology we haven’t quite gotten that far yet. Perhaps surgery to repair the detachment would provide sight, but if the doctor advices against it then I am unsure of what else could be done. Out of curiosity, what correction procedures have you have. I myself have had the Scleral buckle and vitrectomy
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Retinal Detachments

    The retina lines inside the back wall of the eye, which is a light-sensitive, very thin tissue. A holes or tears in the retina may cause retinal detachment, the most common type of retinal detachment known as "rhegmatogenous" detachment.