• 6 months ago

    Sudden eye pain leading to worsening vision and numbness

    I was in class and experienced migraine level of pain in/around my right eye only. After the pain passed I couldn't see the board from 30ft way and had to move up to the front. My vision in my right eye slowly gets worse as time passes, this happens usually when I experience the same pain again or force my eye to focus on something more than a few seconds which causes that same pain. The pain usually ends with more floaters in my eye and worse vision. I also can not feel the air/wind on my eye the same. If they blow a puff of air on it will blink. However, most of the time it feels numb. My right eye will also go through phases were it constantly goes into and out of focus resulting in more migraine level pain.

    Side Note: My forehead also has become numb, and I have started to develop memory and hearing problems in my right ear.