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    Let's Treat Cataract Without Surgery

    Cataracts are eye diseases that interfere with activity. This cataract is a disease of the cloudy eye lens. A healthy eyepiece will be clear and the view will not be disturbed. Cataracts will interfere with vision and the lens cannot focus. Cataracts usually appear in people who are elderly because of hardening of the lens. But this cataract can also attack people at a young age for several reasons.

    Normally this cataract is cured through surgery and it is possible that this operation cannot always be 100% successful. Now, you can try natural ways to treat cataracts by consuming Ladies' herbal medicines. Let's look at the full review as reported by lblhealth.blogspot.com below.

    Parsley or parsley leaves are believed to overcome cataracts. This leaf is rich in vitamin A which is the main vitamin needed to keep the eyes healthy. These leaves also prevent the eyes from drying out and make them always moist. This mixture is rich in carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, eliminating the possibility of cataract development.


    1. 6-7 parsley leaves
    2. 2 tsp honey

    Step by step:

    1. Rinse parsley leaves and blender until smooth.
    2. Give a little water.
    3. Blend again until blended and pour in a glass.
    4. Add honey and mix well.
    5. Drink this juice a glass every day on an empty stomach before dinner.

    Hopefully this information is useful, Ladies. Good luck trying these natural tips to maintain eye health.
    Source : https://lblhealth.blogspot.com