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    I came back from the eye dr. after not going for 10 years. My eyesight is perfect 20/20 and actually has improved in 10 years (slightly). She said that I had some slight yellowing in my lenses that could develop into cataracts 5-10 years down the road. That is all good news. I am 61 years old.

    My concern is glaucoma. My pressures are good 17-18 which is where they were 10 years ago. Dr. said under 20 is where you want them to be. She then took a picture of each eye - a fundus photo I think it was called and compared the two pictures from 10 years ago till now. The optic nerve from 10 years ago showed a change in the left eye. She called it something else (I think it might have been a cup but not sure) said it looked a little longer than 10 years ago. In the right eye, she did not see much of a difference and attributed that to different camera etc.

    So, she wants me to have a visual field test + some sort of scan. She said she is not diagnosing glaucoma but the left eye is suspicious enough to want to check out. As a result of the scan, she says they will either want to keep monitoring or start treatment. I assume if the advice is to keep monitoring it is not glaucoma yet. If it is start treatment, sounds like it means glaucoma has started. Treatment she says would be 1 drop in each eye (or maybe just the left) once before bedtime. So I have several questions:

    1. Does it sound like there is glaucoma here?
    2. Can it only affect 1 eye? And, do the drops work?
    3. thought drops were to relieve pressure, but if pressures are 17-18 why would I need drops?
    4. If it is glaucoma I assume it is 'normal tension glaucoma' because the pressures are normal, it would make sense that this is a slower than one with higher pressures.
    5. what type of scan?


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    RE: glaucoma

    I'm not a doc not do I play one on TV. Therefore no diagnosing you. Try asking your doctor these quite intelligent questions. They are the only ones qualified to answer. Best of luck!
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    RE: glaucoma

    Please get a second opinion. Had Dr A tell me I had “X” & needed surgery soon. Dr B agreed about “X” but said it wasn’t influencing my vision, didn’t need immediate care & it possibly never would. Dr B explained that “X” simply wasn't where it would affect vision & suggested taking a “watch & wait” approach. Surgery center staff casually mentioned that Dr A’s patients “required surgery for “X” more often than other docs.”