• over 1 year ago

    My doctor told me that I have cataracts. Now what?

    I knew that my eyesight was poor. Need reading glasses, 3.50 now. I could have the 4.00 level. I dont have insurance for vision nor dental. I have Medicare A and B. Either one wont pay. if I look at tv without reading glasses, cant look at anything. Reading Glasses Is the my only vice

    I also take other meds, like Synthroid, Sertraline, Trazodone and klonipin by my psychiatrist. Reading about interactions.

    Sertraline can effect vision, and Trazodone. I have to take the synthroid, for life. But the sertraline and Trazodone have contradicting info. I was told that other people in the board that I am getting overmedicated by the the psychiatrist. Can i bump up the power of the glasses to 4.00? Any responses or replies would be appreciated. Both have info on vision.