• 8 months ago

    I had dropless eye surgery

    Jan. 9. I felt the needle go in. Waa so painful I moved my head during the procedure and cried. Dr. told me next day the reason was because I didn't get enough anesthesia. Had lots of pain afterwards and a ached through about the 20th. That was the first time I slept comfortably however my sight did NOT improve either. Not only was the eye painful by the way but I physically affected I believe by the drugs used. I had nausea headaches twitching in eye and stomach as well....left side. Slept on and off a lot for weeks much more tired than ever before,
    Today Jan. 31 told by doc the sac behind new lens is cloudy. Now need to go in with laser.
    Anybody else experience this with dropless surgery or not?
    And how long has this type of surgery been done?