• Loss of vision throughout the day. Looks like the opposite of tunnel vision.

    Two months ago (March) I had a migraine that lasted for a week. When it finally went away, I started getting really bad neck pains and my eyesight was bad.( This has happened twice before in the last two years but they were so spread apart that I couldn't remember how long it lasted each time.) Just before my migraine started, I went to the doctor's for help with my weight and I was put on Levothyroxine 125mg because i have an underactive thyroid and I hadn't taken my medicine in years. I also majorly changed my diet. Everyone who I would talk to blamed the migraine and neck pains on the major changes, but that wouldn't explain why it happened in the past. So I decided that I would wait it out and bring it up to my doctor in two weeks at my next appointment. When I brought everything up and explained the best I could about my vision, my doctor did very basic neurological tests to rule out the vision loss being a problem in my brain. She decided that it wasn't anything neurological and it was just a symptom of the migraine and it could be lasting longer because not only were my hormones out of wack (just ended my period), but I also made a very big lifestyle change. I was given a shot for the neck pains and was prescribed migraine medicine. The shot lasted two days and my eyes weren't any better. That was at the very end of March. Fast-forward to now when I just noticed my neck doesn't hurt anymore but my eyes... I start college in the fall and I don't have my license because I can't drive because I can't see.
    I basically am going through the opposite of tunnel vision, but only sometimes (it's happened twice while typing this). It happens all the time everyday. If I'm looking at one thing then look at something else and go back to what I was looking at before, I can't see it. It also happens when I open my eyes after sleeping, if I blink longer than usual, and when I stand up and change rooms. Most times I can see with my peripheral vision but, occasionally, all vision goes away for the most part of a minute. When I can't see, it's not pitch black but it's almost like a snowy tv channel. It sometimes seems like it's brought on by light changes but I don't know.
    If you have has a similar experience, let me know. It would be great to know I'm not the only one. More importantly, if you know what this is or what's causing it, please let me know cause I got tired of this after one day, it's been almost 60 now.