• over 1 year ago

    Cataract implants done 30 years ago when I was 29/no idea what is normal now, my eyes are changing and headaches

    I was diagnosed when I was 29 with Familial cataracts. Fast yellowing. My sister, my father, his brothers and mother...lovely gene pool. I have had implants 30 years now, I have always had problems with headaches, glasses, etc every year since then, I have had yag laser, I have had cornea debridements etc. I have had one eye go myopic and the other presbyopia. (they have evolved into this) Now I really am having headaches with tension around my eye ball sockets. Always fighting glasses now, and I get headaches from the fact my eyes are fighting each other. I have experimented with contacts etc etc etc. It was said to me today by one of my ophthalmologists, that they really dont know how drastic aging and changes in shape of eye really affect implants, because normal cataract patients at 70 dont usually complain at 100 years of age. I guess I am part of a group of patients that are unique in that I am young to have had implants for so long.
    I guess the problem I am having now is this a mechanical aspect that has been caused by the implants and my ever changing eyes since I am still relatively young. I am going to push for lasix to even out my vision so I am not fighting myself with eye stress and strain. Any thoughts.???