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    My vision is worse after cataract surgery

    I hope the community can help me here…

    I am a 49 year old male that just underwent cataract surgery for both eyes 2 months ago, and now am currently experiencing worse vision than before my cataract surgeries (I was 20/40 pre-op in both eyes and am worse than 20/60 in both eyes now. My history is as follows: Had Lasik (and a touch up a month later) 20 years ago and unfortunately was not able to get these records from that doctor since my records were long since destroyed. Currently posterior chamber intraocular lenses are both with mild central posterior capsular plaque, and I also have severe dry eyes. Everything else is OK. My doctor has recommended YAG laser to clear the plaques, and thinks that it may be the plaques that are causing my horrible post-op vision, but I am hesitant as I understand it may be difficult to change my IOL later on if I have the YAG laser treatment. I also wonder if the doctor maybe put in the wrong power lenses? Doctor has ‘concluded’ that I will need glasses/another Lasik procedure done to correct my vision rather than him trying to re-calculate the Toric placements or try a different lens and is trying to scare me with all the risks by going back into the operating room...blah..blah..blah. But why would I want glasses or Lasik when I have paid for the premium lenses? And how in the heck is it possible that my vision is still actually worse after surgery 2 months later? This makes no sense to me! I wonder if DMO doctors get into trouble (or get pressured) into not going back to the surgery room with patients (for costs)? I honestly am not looking for 20/20 vision correction, heck I would be happy with 20/30!

    Below is a break down what my exams showed:

    I had Acrysoft IQ torics put in both eyes with the power 18.5D/1.50CYL

    Day 1, post-op exam for left eye:

    20/25-2 with no pinhole test done at this time (At this time I was happy and thought that it was a successful surgery for being the day after for this eye)

    (pre-op was 20/40, no pinhole test done at this time either)

    1 month post-op exam for left eye:

    20/60-1 with pinhole at 20/25-1 (Yikes! What happened here?)

    Day 1, post-op exam for right eye:

    20/50 -1 (pre-op was 20/40 with pinhole at 20/30-2) Uh Oh, not nearly where I was with the left eye 1 day post op.

    1 month post-op exam for right eye:

    20/60 with pinhole at 20/30 (Ugh!)

    My current manifest refraction:

    Right -1.00 (sphere) Cylinder -.075

    Left -0.75 (sphere) Cylinder -.050

    I am going to get a second opinion to see what a different doctor says before I try the YAG laser to clear up my plaques…..sigh…I’m just beyond broken here….any help or insight given is much appreciated! And if able I will post info from second opinion Doctor on this.


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    RE: My vision is worse after cataract surgery

    I too had Cataract surgery and 7 months later my eyesight was very blurry in one eye and see 1 1/2 of of Everything in the other eye .. I was upset also because I had spent all that money for nothing it seemed.. I put up with it for 6 months before I gave in and had the YAG surgery. I wish I had of done it sooner. I wasn’t told before I had cataract surgery this might happen, which made me quiet furious!
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    RE: My vision is worse after cataract surgery

    Usually cataract surgery is done with lenses replacement (RLE) at the same time. Sometimes the calculation of the lenses is not exact which leads to blurry vision. In this case, consult your doctor as you might need a correction lasik operation on the affected eye(s).