• over 1 year ago

    Glaucomo and receding eyelid in one eye

    In Oct 2017, after visiting my opthamolgist because of an unusual feeling in my left eye, I was diagnosed with dry eye and prescribed Restasis. Within 2 days of Restaisis my left eye opened very wide. My opthamologist erroneously suggested a neurological problem. I went to Emory University Hospital Opthamology for a second opinion and learned I have glaucoma in my left eye only, but they could not explain the receding eyelid, since my blood thyroid level is normal. Over the past 5 months, at Emory I saw four different opthamologists; general, glaucoma specialist, surgeon, neurologist. I've had several repeated eye and blood tests, a CT scan and a head MRI. All results are normal, except the pressure in my left eye indicating glaucoma. No one can explain the eyelid issue. All but the neurologist and I believe that the eyelid is not related to the glaucoma, however they all say that it is unusual fo to have either problem in one eye only and have never seen this before. The neurologist and I believe that it must be related, however, no one is offering any advice on treating the eyelid issue. Also, the glaucoma drops aren't bringing my pressure to normal after religiously and correctly using the drops for 5 months. I have a follow up visit with the glaucoma specialist on Tuesday 4/17.

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of this situation I describe, and if so, was there any resolution to it. Not only am I concerned about the glaucoma, but I look insane with one extemely large eye and the other normal. Thanks for your time and attention!