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    5 Years Unable To Work With Computer Screens Due To Intense Visual Migraines. Desperate For Answers.

    Good evening,

    I will try and be compact. In 2013, after a long period of emotional difficulty in which I used extended video gaming as a balm, I experienced an intense migraine. Ever since, I have not been able to look at a computer screen for more than 20mins - 2hrs without suffering the same visual attack. This has affected my life enormously and I have been unable to pursue most avenues of employment, especially those related to my skillset and education.

    The migraine begins with a feeling or soreness around the eyes. The veins on my head begin to pump. My eyes feel strained and then painful. It feels like they are trying to focus on something that isn’t there. This results in nausea, confusion and then escalates into a full-blown migraine, lasting on average 3 days. Under these circumstances working with a computer is out of the question. I am tormented by this and it has defined my experiences over the last half a decade to a horrifying degree.

    Here are the facts:

    I am male, 27. I wear glasses for close work (prescription correct), otherwise healthy.

    I had a squint in my right eye that was surgically corrected in Janruary. We were hoping that this would fix the issue but it unfortunately has not.

    These visual attacks occur only when I look at computer screens/laptop screens and sometimes under intense lighting (office lighting is often particularly bad)

    I have tried Migralens and various computer glasses to see if blocking out harmful light waves would help, but the symptoms remain the same.

    I work to adjust screen brightness/contrast/colour and my posture and environment, have used f.lux, but this only increases my buffer before a migraine by a small amount.

    I am unaffected by kindle screens, books, and other close work.

    Textured, colourful images such as computer games or videos are much more manageable than information. Reading and writing on the screen will result in a quick deterioration.

    I am desperate. I have seen so many ophthalmologists and opticians who, whilst professional, simply are dumbfounded. Very few have any idea how to help or what to suggest and pass me along to the next department or person. This has been years of fruitless hospital visits. Whilst I am currently awaiting transfer back to a neurology department, I simply have lost faith that there will be a close enough investigation to get to the root cause of this. I must, must take control of my life again and this is my obstacle.

    If there is anyone at all who has lived with this and come out the other side, please get into contact and let me know that there’s light at the end of this miserable tunnel. I have never met anybody who suffers in the same way and it makes me feel insane. If I could somehow return to a normal 9-5 job with a computer, my life would change dramatically. I am not soliciting medical advice - I am asking for hope, for stories of people beating this awful thing. Because this - I can’t stand this.

    Thank you.