• 6 months ago

    Blurry vision in one eye only

    I have blurry vision in one eye only. To the point where I cannot read anything what so ever. My doctor gave me a +5 lens in one eye and it is a bit clearer but I can still not read clearly, even if a book is right in front of me. Does anybody know what this is? I have the strongest lens possible and yet still have limited vision in my left eye, and reall can only see on my left side if I cover my right eye.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Blurry vision in one eye only

    Is your eye Dr a OD? MD or DO? I'm a retired EMT. I've worn progressives for 35 years. I'm kind of weird. I will only see a MD or DO for my eye health. I would be extremely concerned that there's something else going on that's far more serious than a lens not being made correctly. However I had a super dooper neuro opthamologist eye specialist give me a prescription that was incorrect and then refuse to do anything about it. Won't be going back to him anytime soon. I've used a optician to fill my prescriptions for years. Because I used someone other than the super dooper Dr's office to buy my glasses Dr. Wonderful wouldn't fix them. Sounds to me like they are trying to run the opticians out of business and make a killing on making glasses.

    Please go see another Dr about your eyes. I'm afraid there's REALLY something more wrong. I hope not. God Bless and best of luck. Tired old EMT!