• 6 months ago

    Problems with cataract surgery

    I searched on cataracts and found a couple of very long threads, but I'm not up for reading them right now--my eye hurts too much. So I hope no one minds if I start a new thread?

    I may be having a bad experience, even though everyone told me it wasn't painful or a big deal. I had cataracts in both eyes--small ones, the doctor said. So I had the left one done a few weeks ago. They put me under. And it hurt! The next day when I went in, he said one of the stitches came out, and one was loose.

    So I have had to wait a month before returning to the doctor, with steroid drops x4/day. I'm scared something horrible has happened.

    It still hurts, eyesight is murky, headaches.

    Without glasses: left eye sees better.
    With glasses: right eye sees better.

    I was so wanting to get it over quickly so I could buy some cute glasses (I went in to get a prescription, not knowing I had cataracts). Now I have to wait six weeks before even considering doing the right eye.

    To make matters worse, the doctor is a "man of few words" type, who doesn't communicate much and treats me like I'm an ignorant idiot who would not understand his explanation if he gave it to me. I REALLY HATE THAT.


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    RE: Problems with cataract surgery

    Sounds like you need to find another surgeon - one who is willing to dialogue. I am not sure why you were put out for this surgery. Sometimes you're given a mild sedative but usually eye is numbed and you are fully awake with this surgery. There isn't usually stitches involved either. But if there were perhaps the healing takes longer. Your first step though is to find an opthomologist who will examine your eyes and let you know what is going on. I have had both eyes done less than 2 months ago and although I had a scratchy feeling there wasn't any real pain associated with cataract surgery.
      • 6 months ago
        Yes, I did find a different surgeon and they're doing a different method in the right eye. And not putting me out.