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  • 3 hours ago

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  • 1 day ago

    Constant Watering Eyes

    My eyes are constantly watering, like all day and night! I've been to the doctor and he says that my ducts are not blocked. Since that test the watering has increased 3 times as much! I've been checked for an auto-immune deficiency, all clear! They give me no advice but to not dab my eyes! Is there a doctor that that has encountered this and has any idea what is going on with them?
  • Slight blurred vision

    Recently I have been having trouble with some blurred vision. Is there any kind of eye drops that can help for this?
  • 4 days ago

    Nosebleeds and eye damage

    I apologize in advance if this post does not belong here. I had a bad nosebleed lasting around 20 minutes. However, this nosebleed, after making me feel lightheaded, also caused me to lose sight in both eyes for around 2 minutes. As I was about to call for emergency services because I was unable to see, my vision restored itself gradually. What is the cause for this, and can it have any long term bad effects?
  • 10 days ago

    Use your cellphone as a magnifier

    Helps reading restaurant bills, maps, medicine bottle labels and other small stuff Includes a light and the ability to keep the image still for easier reading It's FREE to download! Search for "Magnifier + Light" in the Google Play Store
  • 1 month ago

    Degenerative Retinoschisis

    For about two years now when I look straight up to the sky and cut my eye hard right then left. I would see a tiny streak of light in very top corners of my eye. Only last split second. Never happens any other way are any other place only looking at sky straight up. I never would have noticed it but was looking at a plane in sky one day. It does not happen in the dark only in bright lit sky . Anybody else know anything about this kind of thing? Eyes are 20/20 perfect clear. Other than one floater....
  • 1 month ago

    Advice re surgery

    Hi, I have a long history of retinal detachment in both eyes. I had buckle and gas in one eye which detached when gas dissipated. I then had silicone oil injected which when removed resulted in detachment. This oil has been in my eye for almost three years and I developed a capsule fairly soon after surgery. On the other eye, I had buckle fitted three years ago and it was successful until six weeks ago when I had another detachment. I had a vitrectomy with silicone inserted. All going well so far....
  • 1 month ago

    Eye itching redness and watery

    My eye have been runny with water and goop they itch and are red from rubbing just around the edges near eyelashes. I’ve used eye drops but nothing seems to help what could be causing this?
  • How long can contacts stay in solution?

    I normally don’t need to wear my glasses or newly prescribed contacts after about 7:00pm and I was just wondering how long they can stay in the solution for. I normally get up at 9:00am-9:30am and I didn’t know if leaving them in solution for the 14 hours (7pm-9am) would be to long and mess up the contacts?
  • 2 months ago

    Eye concerns

    Hello All, About a week ago I had an eye exam. At the exam, I was told that I have a small reading prescription of 0.75 both eyes with astigmatism in one eye. I had this same prescription some 10 years ago. But I never wore the reading glasses. Then the doc went on to dilate my eyes. The dilation effects didn't seem to go away for many hours. At the 24 hour mark I went back to the opthalmologist and he said maybe there is dry eye and asked me to put drops in there. at the 72 hour mark I still....