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  • 1 day ago

    Several Issues after cataract surgery

    Had both my eyes done in July and Aug 2017. At my one week visit Dr told me was doing super. I told him that I ( my left eye) was seeing star light effects and sparklers when I saw headlights & streets lights & and party lights. I also head beams of light coming from and ceiling light. He said I was doing super.. and give it a little more time. There does to seem to be a slight folding on the eye, however that should disappear. Right was done in late August. Next day visit my right looked....
  • 5 days ago

    Color blindness?

    I'm an 18 year old male and I've been having issues with colors for the last two years. I never had trouble before. When I was a kid i had taken color blindness tests and had no trouble, I saw everything. Around the age of 16 I started noticing I would get certain colors confused. Reds, greens and browns to be exact. When I was 17 I went to MEPS to enlist in the Army and there I failed 2 color blind tests very badly. The dot test I only got 1/14. I was given a lantern test and only got a....

    It’s a long story. You got time? I pray you do. August 2017, I tripped while hiking with my dogs Nibbler and Buddy at a local off leash county park. I was knocked out. Came to covered in blood and dirt. Pups panting hard. No one around to help. I made it home and laid down. I know, I know don’t lecture me. My husband came home six hours later and found me unresponsive. Emergency room fixes everything, right? Not so much. The “doctor” refused me an MRI or a CAT scan. He did not check my eyes. He sent....

  • 7 days ago

    Detached retina in left eye due to (R.O.P) or (retinopathy of prematureity ) and partly ditched in right eye

    Hi I’m chiron love and im currently 14 and I wanted a medical option or opinion on my (ROP) to see if currently as of 2018 there are any persedurs to RE-tach my completely detached retina in my left eye and if it’s possible to fix my parsherly detached retina in my right eye ? Any answers or help would mean so much to me THANK YOU .
  • Eye sight

    I had cataract surgery, and i hsve had nothing but troble with my eyesight. It's blurry, i can't read simple road signs. I can't read real well and see many things in the distant. They tell me its because of my dry eye. Is this true?
  • 7 days ago

    Dark spots in vison!

    Hello im 20 years old and have type 2 diabetes. for the last 2 months I've been seeing weird dark spots in my vision. sometimes the dark spots look like they have lights moving in then. I went to my eye doctor because i feared it was because of my diabetes. She took a few tests on my eyes and showed me the pictures of my eyes and said she didn't see any signs of my diabetes affecting my eyes. she said they seemed normal. I'm not sure whats going on but i start to worry and fear ill go....
  • 16 days ago

    Complete opposite eyeglass prescription?

    I just had a visit with an OD for eye exam and his prescription is exactly opposite from my previous visit(other OD) from 3 yrs ago: OLD: OD: sphere -0.25 cylinder -0.75 axis 164 OS: sphere -1.25 cylinder -.075 axis 025 NEW: RT: sphere -.075 cylinder -.025 asix 064 LT: sphere -.075 cylinder -1.25 axis 045 Can that really be what happened to my eyes and why? He said he has never seen this before in a patient.
  • 16 days ago

    Cataract Cure Left to Rot - Humanity Abandoned

    The optical clarity of the natural human eye lens is maintained by the "chaperone" protein alpha-crystallin, which is one of the lens proteins. "Chaperone" means that the alpha crystallin de-aggregates the other lens proteins if they are in aggregation mode (cataract). In cataract, the "chaperone" activity of alpha-crystallin has been lost, either due to clumping of the alpha-crystallin itself, or to binding of the alpha-crystallin with so-called Advanced Glycation End....
  • 17 days ago

    What is anterior synechiae od?

    I went to the eye doctor today for my yearly check up. She found what she called anterior synechiae od in my eye and is referring me to a specialist. She asked if I have pain in my eye or any trauma to it and I have had nothing. There was no sign of this my previous treatment either. So my main question is what is this? I have tried to Google it and really can't find anything on it. What should I expect at this appointment with a specialist and how is it treated? I am nervous. Thank you for your....
  • 19 days ago

    Monocular to Binocular Vision in 15 y/o

    I’m 15 and have seen out of one eye at a time my whole life. Is there any surgery or therapy I could go through to get binocular vision?