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  • 16 days ago

    sinus surgery,lost sense of smell

    I had sinus surgery awhile back,were he cleaned me out and shaved a turbinate due to allergies,and I lost my sense of smell,while the ollafactory nerve was never touched and was told I could get my sense of smell back,but when i asked how I can't get a straight answer out of him,does anybody know how to get smell back or a way to research and find out?
  • 23 days ago

    Constant mucus issues

    Hey you guys, been having the same problem for around 7 months now. I have mucus all in my ears nose and have to clear my throat all the time. My ears are always ringing. Been to ear nose throat specialist a few times and even saw an audiologist for the ringing in my ear. They kept saying it was allergies but I'm not new to seasonal allergies and I'm not itchy or have watery eyes like I do during allergy season and the meds they gave me all failed. I was put on two different types of antibiotics....
  • 1 month ago

    Suffering with strange symptoms....

    Hi all! I've had intermittent dry sinuses for around 10 months now, and recently was diagnosed with sinusitis. After two courses of antibiotics I developed oral thrush, which is now being treated but is proving stubborn! I'm not sure if this is a cause or a symptom, however, as while my nasal passages currently feel fine they remain red and inflamed. At the same time, the roof of my mouth and throat feels dry while my teeth, lips, tongue and lower portion of the mouth remain moist! Finally....
  • 3 months ago

    Sinus rinse disaster

    I attempted to use a sinus rinse to clear the think snot from my nose and sinuses so I could breathe. I gagged and the solution went up my eustation tubes into my middle ears. The pain was immediate and intense! After a bit of crying like a baby, I tried laying down to try to encourage the solution to come out. Two hours later and the solution is still in my middle ears. This causes muffled hearing, pain, and I can feel the fluid move around whenever I change positions. How do I get the solution....
  • 3 months ago

    Long term issues

    For about a year and a half now I have been constantly light headed and dizzy. It’s all came on after using a netti pot and and using albuterol for a cold. Sometimes it’s more intense than others. I have been to 3 ENTs and had all kinds of head scans. I can feel pressure in my sinuses and my ears constantly pop. A few times I have felt in the back of throat where my nose drains a chunk and I get it out and it’s a fleshy white mass. It looks like a chunk of skin tissue. I can’t find answers and I....
  • 4 months ago

    9 years of nasal congestion

    Hoping someone in the community can relate to this and/or offer some suggestions. It's a somewhat long read but I hope you read it... TL;DR: 9 years of 24/7 nasal congestion. 2 surgeries and years of various medical regimens have provided no relief. Problem: Nasal congestion 24/7/365. When it started: Around 9 years ago, I came down with a pretty bad cold. After the cold symptoms went away, the nasal congestion stayed. After seeing an ENT specialist several times (around 2010), they believed....
  • 4 months ago

    How to permanently cure chronic acute sinusitis?

    I suffer from acute sinusitis day and night summer and winter and all the seasons, they are very painful and I used lots of medicines and nasal sprays and nose wash with no avail. Nothing really made my life better and if you look into my face you will see them (sinuses) swallowed significantly. I went to many doctors and none of them seem to have a permanent cure for me. Does anyone here suffer from sinusitis and have tried something efficiently? Remember that I have an acute-sinusitis not the mild....
  • 4 months ago

    Ongoing Sinus Infection

    I have been suffering from a sinus infection, shortness of breath & extreme fatigue for the past 6 years. Dozens of doctors, tests, procedures & no definitive results. During this time, the only constant is the results of sinus swabs show a negative gram bacteria (serratia marcescens) which seems unaffected by the months of taking levaquin. Is there a better course of treatment available?
  • 5 months ago

    Uncommon Issue: Clicking with apparent connection to engagement of the soft palate, ear popping when swallowing

    7 months ago or so, I noticed a certain clicking noise that seemed to be coming from my nasopharynx area when I said certain words. "Favor," "cookie," and "papa" to name a few. Although this clicking is not particularly noticeable to others, it is indeed audible if they know to be listening for it or if we are in a quiet space. It is very audible to myself and, more importantly, very audible to a microphone. As an aspiring voice actor, this issue has caused me much consternation....
  • 5 months ago

    Sinus Infection with no determined cause?

    My story is long, so I will try to make it short. About a year ago, after moving into a new college dorm on campus, I developed a sinus infection along with a whole slew of symptoms doctors couldn't seem to put together. It has progressed to just being 24 hour sinus congestion with post nasal drip and the occasional brain splitting headache. I have gone to specialists but all of their treatments seem to only relieve me temporarily. After trying every over the counter medication available, I have....