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  • 9 days ago

    Tinnitus maybe maybe not

    Hello. I have been to 3 different ENTs, a neurologist, a PA, and an MD after nearly 7 months of noise in my ears or head that comes and goes. One awesome ENT discovered that I had a severe deviated septum and was suffering from major allergy issues. He put me on allergy drops and have had surgery for my septum. In my understanding, I still have about 3 months to go for complete healing. Could all this be the cause of this noise? I have had to hearing test, several MRI's of the brain, neck and....
  • 29 days ago

    hearing issue

    I have hearing issues that I don't understand. example: can be riding in my vehicle with radio on. I can pop my ears and hearing improves 30-40%. That's an estimate of course. Can be watching TV. ears pop and have to turn tv down. Same level of improvement. Can be in restaurant and sounds like big roar. Can pop my ears and hear much better...probably not normal hearing but much closer. Can be sitting in airplane. chatter sounds like big roar. can hardly understand anything. ears pop (before....
  • 1 month ago

    Hearing problems

    Yes I have been having a war aches and pains in jaw.i can not hear,I have yellow drangig. I have dizziness and sore body,hot flashes, forehead aches, bloated, trouble sleeping, trouble breathing, finger nails are polling off,I have shackingness. It's been going on over 3 months
  • 1 month ago

    Volume Control

    People tell me that I am talking too loud but no matter how much I try to adjust my volume I cannot tell how loud I am talking and am pretty obnoxious to be around. Years ago I read an article about people with similar problems. Anyone know what it is called? Hopefully some advances have been made and it can be improved. Thanks
  • Cannot breathe through my nose

    I believe I have chronic sinusitis. But it could be something else. My nose has been congested and runny since last October. Nothing over the counter has helped. And today it stopped letting me even blow little increments of mucus/snot out. I cannot breathe in or out of my nose. I don’t know what to do. It’s starting to affect my hearing as well.
  • 1 month ago

    ENT - What would cause a babies ear to swell shut?

    The opening to my 5 month granddaughter’s ear has swollen almost completely shut. Local ENT had never seen anything like it. I can send you a picture of her ear. Any suggestions? Please help!
  • 1 month ago

    I feel weak after a cold and ear infection

    61 year old female. 5'3 and 145 pounds. No known health issues. Had a really bad cold for a couple of weeks. Got up one morning to go to the bathroom and fainted on the way back to my bed. I felt myself passing out and slid down my door into a sitting position. My son heard it and found me, tried to get me onto the bed and I straightened out and fainted again while sliding onto the floor. He said he thought I was having a seizure at first because I just stared straight ahead with bulging eyes....
  • 2 months ago

    Cyst-like bump in ear canal?

    Recently I’ve been having a slight pain in my left ear but didn’t think much of it until I felt a bump forming. It’s been getting bigger over the past couple days and is starting to affect my hearing. Calling the dermatologist tomorrow but wondering if anyone has a clue of what this could be?
  • 2 months ago

    Is this tinnitus? feeling worried

    Hello, good afternoon. I'm not sure about what I have, so I wanted to seek some guidance, if possible. Soon it'll be 3 weeks more or less since I started to hear some "whoosh, whooosh" inside my right ear, like wind blowing. It gets slightly "louder" whenever I lie down or crouch to pick up something. It's not all the time, but now and then I hear the "whooshing". I went to a doctor and she said that other than a earwax build-up, everything looked fine, so....
  • 2 months ago

    I've been sick since last week of December & nothing is getting better...kinda freaking!

    Ok, yeah...I'm an utter moron & with my horrid luck lately, a Darwin Award recipient is probably in my near future. Anyway, I don't get sick. Like ever. However, the last week of December, I got my *** handed to me by some microbe. Came on like gangbusters & HASN'T LET UP. Horrible coughing (the worst is when I'm trying to sleep), severe sore throat, absolutely ZERO voice (it kinda ranges from some super deep freaky frog to a squeek). Constantly cold, ears hurt...and always....