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  • Do I need an antibiotic...

    Hi, so last week I caught a cold. Third cold this year. Every time I catch a cold I develop sinusitis. First time went to the Urgent Care they gave me antibiotics right away. In 4 days was feeling better. Sinusitis prior to this event had a cold that developed into bronchitis and sinusitis. The Doctor was resistant to putting me on antibiotics. After 3 Doctor visits put me on antibiotics finally and felt better in 4 day's. The sinusitis started to make my ears feel clogged and have pain. So this....
  • Can being in a cold house cause me to get a cold?

    I woke up Saturday morning with a cold. I don't know how I could've gotten it because I haven't come in contact with someone who has it. My house is normally really cold. Especially my room. Could I have gotten a cold from a cold house? I rarely get sick. That's why I'm asking. Also would I be able to use NyQuil in the daytime for my cold because I have no DayQuil.
  • DayQuil liquid

    I have liquid medication for DayQuil and NyQuil. When I take the NyQuil i get a small headache. It's no big deal. Today I took liquid DayQuil and i immediately got a horrible headache and my stomach started to burn. Has anyone else had this problem
  • 19 days ago

    Palm pain

    I feel like I am at the end of a cold and all that's left is the draining of the mucus. Yesterday I started to have pain and swelling in the palm of my hand. The pain is in middle of where the end of my thumb and wrist meet. The pain aches and is on both sides. In addition I have similar aching pain in the back sides of my neck. Is there something else going on that I should know about or is this normal aftermath of a bad cold?
  • 28 days ago

    My question

    I went to the doctor for a sore throat and a runny nose. He told me to take. Motrin and Tylenol together. I forgot to ask him a question. Can I take Benadryl with these or should I take it separately?
  • 1 month ago

    Constantly Testing positive for Mono

    I have a question regarding Mononucleosis. About 3 years ago I had tonsillectomy at 22, due to the size and nature of my tonsils. They were extremely large- blocking my airway and swelling due to multiple (4-7 per year) diagnoses of strep throat since I was a child. I was first diagnosed with mono 5 years ago, and have since been diagnosed with it another 6 times throughout the years. Upon telling my family doctor this information, he did a mono test while I felt completely healthy- the results again....
  • 1 month ago

    I have a dry barking cough

    I have a mostly dry hacking/barking cough that produces hardly no phlegm. I've had this cough for about two months with no letup. It is more violent in the early evenings. I sound like a seal barking. I also have a nasal drip off and on with the inside of my nostrils itchy. I don't have allergies. I think my post nasal drip is not from my sinuses, but from some other source. In the meantime, I had a bout with Bronchitis took antibiotics and am over that now, but the dry barking cough which....
  • 2 months ago

    Irrational? Brain eating amoeba or just...

    I was doing cannon balls into a lake in Ohio and got water ( 85° air temp water temp 77°f) into my nose approx 16 days ago. Then 6 days later developed nasal congestion, facial pressure, and felt tired and ill. 8th day I used a nasal spray bottle to irrigate my nasal passages and felt better. 9 days from diving I've had a slight frontal headache that to me seems to be from sinus pressure. The headache has not went away and is what seems to be off and on sharp and dull. It hurts when i press just....
  • 2 months ago

    Question about voice development

    Hello 18 year old late boomer here and throughout the entirety of this year (nearly 8 months) i have had constant post nasal drip with mucus/phlegm in the vocal chords and pains in the sinus's(maybe sinusitis i don't know). I think this all may be caused by my dirty room as it is filled with dirty clothes, papers and there is dust every where. Also during this 8 month period i did not think to try and clear my sinus's by blowing my nose or make any other attempts to try and clear my throat....
  • 2 months ago

    Mechanism of getting sick

    Hello to everyone, I am a new member and have some medical questions. I have no background on medicine (I am an engineer) so maybe my questions and thoughts are very basic and solved but I will give them a try. My main query is about the mechanism that underlies the process of getting cold as well as some extra questions on the subject. To my understanding and judging by experience solely, getting cold is a matter of bacteria growth rate and temperature (conditions). I am not talking about illnesses....