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  • 7 days ago

    Low Body Temperature

    My body temp is always at 97.4. I want to know if I have a temp of 101, is it like having a temp of 102.2. So my question: Is a high temperature the same for people that have a higher or lower average. Different than 98.6. So what is a deadly body temp for my 97.4 average
  • 8 days ago

    Tonsils growing back

    I got my tonsils taken out a few moths ago and it looks as if my right tonsil is starting to grow back. I was wondering if it is even possible for it to grow back or to grow back this soon or if I'm just seeing something else.
  • 8 days ago

    Partial loss of hearing in right ear

    Hi I am a veteran with mild hearing damage and tendinitis. I was sitting on my couch watching TV at a low volume. In my right ear I heard what sounded like a large gust of wind or industrial fan followed by a loud short burst of ringing. My hearing in my right ear now seems to be about halved with muffling almost as though I am listening through a pillow. I called the VA call a nurse line and she recommend that "I chew gum or something and if I can't hear in the morning maybe go to the ER....
  • 9 days ago

    Ear Tube Placed-Adult

    I had ear tube placed in my left ear 4 days ago (11/28/17). I am in my 40’s and my left ear was constantly popping 10+ times in a row each day. The echoing was intrusive and bothersome at work. After 9 months- trying steroids, antihistamines etc. I decided to have tube placed. Now, Ism freaking out- the popping stopped but it is a muffled, underwater type feeling and my hearing seems worse. I called my ENT and they assured me it can take a few weeks to have inflammation from the insertion reduced....
  • 12 days ago

    Tinnitus and Vertigo

    I am a 63 year old veteran that was exposed to loud noises throughout my service time. During and after my discharge I've experienced and was diagnosed with Tinnitus (hearing loss and ringing in my ear). Within months later I began to experience spinning/dizzy spells that would come and go. It was suggested by a doctor that these spells were considered to be Vertigo. My "question" to you is: Can having Tinnitus "cause" vertigo??
  • 12 days ago

    How to know if you aspirated a tooth?

    So last week I started noticing my farthest top right tooth felt weird and a little rough like some might have chipped away toward the back of the jaw side and the more and more I mess with it the more polished it gets. The back seems fine, just partially gone on the front side I guess lol it is so hard to tell. I am pretty sure I have never noticed anything wrong with it before. The more I think about it I vauguely remember a dream where a tooth broke off or something like that. Now I wonder if....
  • 13 days ago

    white spot on throat/tonsil

    average size white spot on tonsil not sure what it is. i don't think it's a tonsil stone. maybe a cut that got infected?

  • Hard Lump Behind Ear, No Pain, Growing In Size

    I've had this very hard immovable lump behind my ear for over 2 weeks now. It has grow quite a lot over the time but it's not painful at all. I had a few headaches (I very rarely get headaches) they are very dull however. My doctor believed it was an infection of some sort in my lymph nodes and gave me antibiotics, but it's not working. What other possibilities are there? Do you think I should visit an ENT as a per caution? What could this lump actually be? The first photo was when I....

  • 14 days ago

    "Thunk" in ear (not tinnitus)

    For the past 6 years, ever since entering the 10th grade, I've had this thunking in my ears in response to external sounds.... it can be triggered by someone talking, my fridge, music, and other sounds. it thunks along to the "spikes" you see in music visualizers or seismographs and is NOT tinnitus. It also has somewhat of a phisical feeling, again like a "thunk" as if someoen has flicked my eardrum I can sleep at night if I put earplugs in, otherwise the thunking will keep....
  • 16 days ago

    Are these facts about cold tempretures true?

    I live in a society that doesn't quite believe in science, so I want to ask a couple of questions to know if what I heard from relatives & family is true or not 1. Going into a cold climate (cold room) after a hot shower. I've been told that having a hot shower then going into a cold area, such as; a cold room or outside (10°C) will twist my tongue or shift it to a side. Going from hot air into cold air is bad overall. Is this true? Is it harmful in anyway? 2. Not wearing a jacket will....