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  • 18 hours ago

    Pain behind ear, pressure in head, neck pain

    June 2nd I woke up with pain behind my left ear. By the next day I was feeling very fatigued with a stiff neck, nausea, pressure in the back of my head and pain between shoulder blade and spine. Later that day the left side of my face and left half of my tongue became numb. This continued. On June 6th I was walking at work and became extremely lightheaded and had to sit down immediately. I left work and went to the ER where they took a CT scan of my brain and blood lab tests which both came back....
  • 3 days ago

    HELP!!! Dog bite resulted in lose of cartilage in nose and infection—VERY SERIOUS!!

    Hello, I am writing on behalf of my sister in law. A year and a half ago her dog bit her on the bottom of her nose causing extensive damage. The cartilage In between the nostrils deteriorated and has fallen off leaving an open slit wound—effectively leaving her with the appearance of 3 nostrils. She has visited various EMTs and plastic surgeons within the Dallas Ft. Worth area but everyone says the same thing—they “have never seen anything like it”, check her nose to see if the condition has worsened....
  • 18 days ago

    White noise!

    Can anyone tell me how to get the white noise to stop in my ears? This has been going on for a years. It's like someone just keeps going shish____in my ears 24/7.
  • 21 days ago

    Allergies or Sinusitis?

    Morning! I’m suffering, help? Suggestions? Doc has tried a couple of anti-biotic treatments but following surgery a yr. ago I seem to be Extremely sensitive to a Lot of things including drugs. Sooo I’ve had very mild allergic reactions since living in TN but this is extreme! Bad headaches in am, lessen during the day some, my ears plug horribly, eyes are getting dried green buggers at night, gunk runs down the back of my throat & I clear my throat till it raw and a phlegm cough. I get a glib....
  • 23 days ago

    Difficulty swallowing

    Hey people, I have this weird occasional difficulty swallowing issues since the past 4 months. Sometimes i feel as if my throat is getting tightened and I fear swallowing and then I use water to let my food go down the throat. Its so annoying specially when I am at social occasions because I feel I would end update choking. Although I haven't ever choked update on food its just that my throat gets tight and at times i throw my food out of my mouth My medical condition; I am 22 years old and have....
  • 24 days ago

    Excessive sweating

    No matter what I do i sweat on forehead and arm pits. I was on mirtazapine but after I had a mental breakdown symptoms came back. Know I have chronic dry and sticky mouth and no matter how much water i drink symptoms come right back. Even though I breath threw my mouth I never had such dry mouth that evenvback of throat gets dry. And my tonsil is inflamed and without no saliva it feels like mucus is laying in back of throat and wont go down. Didn't go to specialists cause I no that my own flow....
  • Ear pressure

    For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing a pressure in both of my ears, mostly in the morning time, as if there is a large build up of wax. I did a cleaning with a mixture of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, which yielded no results. I haven't had an ear infection in years and I had my wife look inside and she could see nothing that would be causing these symptoms. Any ideas?
  • Spasm of tensor tympani muscle

    I am transferring this post from the old Webmd forum site because it has been closed for replies and I would like to reply. The original post is found here: It was posted 10 years ago. JanDob posted: Hello, I have been diagnosed by my ENT with intermittent spasm of tensor tympani muscle in my right ear and I know it is a right diagnose because I have been through a great deal of stress lately and it somewhat "damaged" my nerves....
  • 24 days ago

    Twitching eardrum

    Ok, so for the last couple of months, my eardrum has been twitching! It doesn't hurt, but all of a sudden I will hear a noise and feel like a thud. It sounds/feels like my eardrum or something in there is twitching! Am I nuts or is this possible? And if possible, how do I make it stop?
  • 25 days ago


    I have high hyperparathyroid 171 and calcium 10.3 (over the last four years calcium high)...nuclear scan negative for adenomas (everything i've read says they don't always show up). Dr. immediately said I just need to take a pill to keep my parathyroid in check because I have hyperplasia. I am going to ENT....everything I'm reading says hyperparathyroid at that level always means I either need some parathyroid glands removed to lower the level or I have an adenoma on my parathyroid -....