• 1 month ago

    Pain behind ear, pressure in head, neck pain

    June 2nd I woke up with pain behind my left ear. By the next day I was feeling very fatigued with a stiff neck, nausea, pressure in the back of my head and pain between shoulder blade and spine. Later that day the left side of my face and left half of my tongue became numb. This continued. On June 6th I was walking at work and became extremely lightheaded and had to sit down immediately. I left work and went to the ER where they took a CT scan of my brain and blood lab tests which both came back normal. They said it was probably a pinched nerve and sent me home with a Rx of 5, 50mg Prednisone tablets. By June 8th I felt the worse that I ever had. I was extremely fatigued and still in a lot of pain. My head felt like it weighed 50 pounds. By June 13th the facial and tongue numbness had started to subside but I was still having pain behind the ear, facial spasms, neck pain and head pressure and dizziness. June 17th I had an appointment with my family doctor where I was I told I possibly had Bell's Palsy. At this time the facial and tongue numbness was pretty much gone. All other symptoms were still there but not as bad. She checked my ears and said my left ear drum looked bulged and both ears appeared to have fluid around them. She called for an MRI of my brain and neck and referred me to a Neurologist and an ENT specialist. The MRI of the brain came back normal and the MRI of the neck showed 2 midline bulging discs at C6 and C7 which I already knew about as I had been told about them years ago. She said that I could benefit from another round of steroids and gave me a Decadron injection as well as a prescription for a Prednisone taper pack. I felt improvement that lasted for about a week. On July 1st I got a pulsating headache behind my eyes and left temple. I couldn't stand it any longer so I went to the ER in the next town over where they gave me an IV injection of steroids and a migraine cocktail. The following day I had a dentist appointment to see if any of my symptoms were dental related. They took xrays and found that I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth with one that has broken through the gum. I was scheduled for removal the next day but the oral surgeon would not sedate me due to my headaches and dizziness. He wanted me to see my neurologist first but said the wisdom teeth definitely need to come out soon because one of them had a pocket of fluid around it. He said my jaw muscles had a lot of tension and they were very tender. Side note: I have had TMJ disorder for around 15 years. July 18th I start getting the ear pain and pressure in my right ear. Before it was only the left side and my right side felt fine. On this day I see the neurologist who confirmed the Bell's Palsy and some physical tests to check my nerve function. She looked in my ears and also said I have fluid behind my ear drum and recommended an ENT, which I already had an appointment for. She asked me to wait around 3 more months if possible to have my wisdom teeth removed as she felt it could worsen my other symptoms. July 25th I go to the ENT appointment which ended up being a waste of time. The Dr here was very rude and seemed rushed. I tried to give him backstory on my symptoms but he wouldnt listen and kept talking over me. He barely tapped the Otoscope to my ears and said they looked perfect. He told me to take Motrin for pain and sent me home. So, it has been nearly 7 weeks since the start of all this. I am still dealing with pretty much constant pressure in the back of my head and ears. My ears feel full like they need to be popped but popping doesnt help. I still have random days where the pain behind my ear and neck pain/stiffness is worse. I have been taking ibuprofen everyday for the past 2 weeks or so. No one can seem to figure out what caused all of this to happen and why I'm still having this weird head and ear pressure all the time. I don't understand why all of this has moved from the left ear to the right. Some days it will be both ears. Some days I will have what feels like sinus pressure on my cheekbones and brow bone. Also, I will get random tender points on my face that comes and goes. When pressed it feels like its bruised but it isnt. This has been the most bizarre experience I have ever had in my life. I have been a fairly healthy person and hadn't had an illness before this in over 3 years. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before or had these symptoms? Could it be wisdom teeth? Sinus? Viral?